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I'm a very "fluffy" mommy who is currently pregnant with my third baby. I've been very fortunate in that my OB has never said a word about my weight. I've never been forced to have extra tests or classes (a close friend was sent to the GD class 14 weeks into her pregnancy because of her weight by a different OB--she never had GD). My weight has never even been brought up by my doctor. The only time it ever became a subject of conversation is when I brought it up. My doctor's answer was that of course I didn't need to gain too much weight, but that women of all sizes have healthy babies every single day.

My first pregnancy I did gain too much weight, but my second pregnancy, and so far this pregnancy (27 weeks) I have gained none. I was diagnosed with GD my second pregnancy, but just barely. My GD was controlled very easily by diet. I have been watching my diet and my blood sugar this pregnancy and so far so good.

As for maternity clothes, I have had great luck with Motherhood. Our local store does carry plus size, although not a ton. I've yet to have to order online. JC Penney also carries plus size maternity, but I've not bought any, primarily because I'd have to order it online. As for nursing bras, I did have to order mine online (I ordered from Amazon). I've found that the few nursing bras in stores in my size just don't have the support I'd like. Motherhood nursing bras are a joke if you're over a C cup. I've also been told that if you have a specialty store that deals with specialized sizes/problems (like mastectomies, etc.) that you can find some really fantastic nursing bras. It might be worth it to call around.
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