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Hello everyone!

I guess I could call myself squishy/fluffy.... I'm 5'6" and weigh 183 pds. I'm in the high end of "overweight" for my BMI. Almost into the obese category.

I gained nearly 55pds with my first and topped out at 220 at 41+ weeks. I managed to drop down to 180 before getting pregnant with DS2 and only gained 20pds with him. I really watched my sugar intake. I started out at 183 with this pregnancy and haven't gained anything yet at 15 weeks. I'm doing the same thing as last time but man it's been SO HARD with the holidays!

I'm really hoping I can keep my gaining under control and stay under the 200pd mark. I am really looking forward to running again next summer after this baby is born
I started a program called "Couch to 5k" and I lost quite a bit of weight and gained a lot of stamina. I really loved it.

It's nice to have a thread for fluffy preggo pics! I always feel self conscious about posting my pics...
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