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Any over 35 mommies with only one kid?

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Hi there

Well the title is fairly self explainitory. I thought I would send out this thread to see if anyone in the area is in this boat with me.

I have found lots of mommas a lot younger than me, I just turned 40. Or if I find friends my age they have at least 2-3 kids and find my desire to only have one odd. And I usually find them too frazzled and too busy. Anyone with me here?
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hello from NY

I am 43 with a 21-month old son (after being told we couldn't have children naturally) We have decided not to have any more, which is, in some ways, a hard and sad decision for me, but one that feels right for various reasons, including our age when our son comes of age, risks of preganacy issues we don;t want to deal with, etc

I hope that being the only and the son of older parents does not make him feel too different than other kids. My mother adopted me (and a sister) when she was 39 and 41 respectively, and I did feel the age thing a little, in sort of indirect ways: my parents were less hip than others', did not allow as many freedoms, etc

On the other hand, in terms of my own personal development, this is a good time to become a mother -- I was not ready until my late 30s--emotionally, financially, and for other reasons.

I hope to stay healthy and active throughout his childhood. I hope to be a good and not too fuddy-duddy parent...we shall see.

Neither have I met many moms my age, and those I have met work full time in high-powered careers (I am nearing the end of a 2-year SAHM stint) and are not available to be buddies.

What kinds if thoughts/issues arise for you these days re over-35 parenting?
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I'm a bit younger at soon to be 36. Before ds, I wanted 5 kids. Which sort of happened as I have been pregnant 5 times. Ds is my middle only child. He is such a demanding child that the idea of another is overwhelming. So having an only child wasn't entirely my choice, but one that I can be happy with.
Soon to be 38 with one snuggly boy here. People gave up asking when we were having another. I used to think we had an easy time conceiving, but then we went to a fertility specialist to talk about having another. We realized it took us over four years to conceive. We were practicing natural family planning, but I know that my calcutlations weren't that good for that long.

Personally, I wasn't ready to have a child until I hit my 30s. I had often thought about it, but in reality, I don't think I would have been as good a parent. It took me a long time to become enlightened in the ways of the AP ways of things. I had a mixed example growing up. I also didn't have the sense of calm or the patience I have now. I think I had to finish growing up first. :LOL

I know others who have one and I think we are all happy with our decision to have one.
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Well, I am going to be 40 this year and I have 2 children. But I wanted to say "Hi."
I started in my 30's. I do not think you are odd for feeling complete with one child. There is nothing wrong with that. My friends with 4-5 children think I am odd for stopping at 2.
i'm 36 & have one (dd is 3). we're very much on the fence about another one. i'm really enjoying having one!
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