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Any Pail Pals users?

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I just started using these in my diaper pail...I didn't know it would melt. I put it in the bottom of my pail and then put a PUL liner over it ... I just did a wash and the diaper on the very bottom had a stain from the pail pal!!! I really hope this comes off (It is a huge dark stain!) the diaper outer was cotton -- AIO. Any suggestions?
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I'm guessing it's an oily stain from the essential oils in a pail pal??

I don't know, never used them, but that would make me sad!!
Its not supposed to come in contact with the diapers. Most true diaper pails have stots on the underside of the lid to slide the disk into.
If yours doest try taking a small container. (yogurt, cream cheese, small butter ect) hot glue the lid of the container under the lid of your pail and punch a bunch of holes in the bowl part. Now put your disk into the bowl and snap it into the lid.
Did that make any since at all????
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Yeah, those Pail Pals stain things... they've left brown marks on my actual pail!

I have taped them to the lid and that helps. I don't use them anymore b/c they give me a headache these days.
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