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I make pasta.

I have a pasta machine that I got from BB&Beyond for 30 dollars. I put flour into a bowl, some eggs, crushed garlic, a pinch of salt and then I stir it with a fork. It turns into a mushy mess, a ball, but pretty sticky. Then, I let it sit for 15 minutes. I flour a surface, take out the ball and knead it into a non-sticky ball. Then, I pull off a piece of it (small piece the first time) and get flatten it a little. LIke a hamburger patty size. Then, I put the roller on the widest setting and roll the pasta out. If it looks good, no holes, etc, I roll it on the next to largest setting twice. Then, I roll it on the smallest setting that I want and cut it by either rolling it in the pasta cutter attatchment (spaghetti or linguini) I've made lasagna by using scissors and just cutting the rolled out pasta into the size that I want and using that. It's sooo good that way.

Once you get all of your pasta rolled out, cut and set on a drying rack(also at bb&B) you boil your water with a little salt. When the water is rolling, you put your pasta into the water easily, not in a big wad, but in the laid out way that you have them hanging. When they float, they're done. These make the best leftovers when you put the garlic in the pasta. You can eat the leftovers cold...they're that good.

Raviolis are easy enough to make. Make your cheese mixture, then put scoops of them on the rolled out dough. A melon baller would be good to have for this. Then, you put another rolled out dough on top of them and slice them into squares with a sharp knife. Use a fork to work around the edges to secure the cheese. There is a ravioli maker that you can buy. It looks like an icetray and it looks like it would be easy to use, but I don't have one.

Good luck
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