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Any plants to keep mosquitoes AWAY???

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I bought a geranium that the place I bought said is a citronella and will repel mosquitos. I have no idea if this is accurate but I thought I would throw it out there.

My dad also has told me that Marigolds will keep the bugs at bay. Could be folklore...

I planted some lemon balm because I was told it works. I only put in one plant of it, though, so I'm not sure how effective it is
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Citronella plants will help, once they get big. They also repel gnats!

eta: we have citronella and if you remind me next fall, I will collect some seeds for you and mail them off. BUT you have to remind me - I will forget!
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Thanks mamas!
I'd LOVE some seeds, now let's see if I can remember
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Marigolds, lemon balm, mint,

Also...a fan outside...We bought a $10 box fan to have on the deck..that is supposed to keep them away....

marigolds, mints, lemon balm, I've been told that lavender also helps...
I heard marigolds too, but I haven't had good luck with them. I planted them in every bed last year because we get mosquitos so bad here. If they did any good I certainly didn't notice.

This year we planted some melissa (lemon balm) in the herb garden. I sewed them as seed though so now I have to wait to find out if and how many plants I will have.

I'll have to try the fan.
I just came across a long list of plants the other day.Only remember catnip and marigold.

<<<Horsemint, Marigolds, Ageratum, Mosquito Plants, Catnip (which is 10 times more effective than Deet).

Just planting these plants isn't enough, some of these leaves have to be crushed for the scent to be released. (Rosemary and Catnip-crush a few times & rub on your skin & clothing.) Don't rub the ageratum on your skin. Mosquito Plants are also called: Hummingbird Mint, Bubblegum Mint, Giant Hyssop or Giant Hummingbird Mint.
Try attracting bats and/or purple martins

These aren't plants but they are mosquito eaters.
They also don't like Tea Tree oil, but I don't imagine you could grow a Tea Tree very easily.......
I was just out planting marigolds in the garden and came inside, I counted 9 bites. I was thinking about a bat box. I hear they are easy to make.
What about burning citronella oil in the back yard? Would it disipate too fast? Anyone tried it?
I'll be buying catnip...
I have a lemon grass plant that supposedly keeps mosquitoes away.
Lavender is supposed to be very good - I have never tried the plant myself, but I mix lavender oil with baby oil to use as a repellent on my skin and it works wonderfully!
Bats work great. Of course, then you have bats!

We have lots of bats and skeeters. WE live in the woods so we exepct them. Things that have helped:

Dump every bucket of water, no matter how small. Ducks eat loads of bugs. Those bamboo torches that burn citronella oil help some, as do the candles. If you want to sit outside, grab a few candles, light 1/2 dozen torches, and a campfire won't hurt either!

I'm growing lavender and catnip this year, I'll try both and report back!

And I have a great Lemon Balm. Try eating it in salads, drying it for tea or just crushing a bit to smell. I love it!
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garlic is supposed to work as well. I was just reading something today that mentioned planting garlic to repel mosquitoes. Eating it helps, as does making a garlic spray for your yard....but then I think that would repel people as well.
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Beware of catnip. It will take over your yard in a big way. While I'm very popular with the neighborhood feline population, I also have a huge mosquito problem, and I haven't noticed the catnip making any difference at all.
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