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Any plus size or tall mamas & papas looking for a sling?

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I got this off the TP several months ago but have hardly used it. It is a mama made pouch style sling, but it is too big for us.

If you are a plus size mama or papa and/or really tall this is the pouch for you! I am a size 22 and 5'8" tall. DD is 34" tall & weights 24 lbs. This pouch is plenty big enough for both of us with some left over! It also is big enough for my DH who is 6'3".

The picture shows the pouch opened all the way up. When used it's folded in half so that the solid olive colored part is up near DC's torso and the print wraps around where they're sitting. It would be very easy to take in for a mama who is handy with a sewing machine (I'm not!), since it is just the one seam where the 2 ends of the fabric meet.

This comes from my smoke free but pet friendly home. I'm asking $12 ppd OBO. Funded pp to coop.lady @ , cc pp (plus fees) to coop_lady @ .

Thanks for looking!

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