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Is there anyone on this board who is transplanted from PHX or know the area really well? I posted on the Utah / Arizona board, but they don't have as much traffic as we do on this one. If you know of PHX area, would love to get your opinions on some things.......

DH is most likely going to be starting a contract job at Luke AFB this fall. I'm excited for him, although - honestly - a bit upset and nervous about leaving my beloved PNW. We've been here for 10 years, love it!, love the weather, love the liberal crunchy vibe, love the house DD was born in......although we do have family in PHX / Scottsdale / PV area, so that will be good.

We're thinking of renting for 6 mo's or a year before buying another house, so we can get DD settled in a school (hoping for Desert Marigold, Waldorf charter, anyone have opinions w/ it?), figure out where we want to buy, make sure the Luke contract is a good thing, etc etc. SOOO, any suggestions on neighborhoods around Luke AFB to rent in? Areas to avoid? Areas you love? I'd like to be accessible to Desert Marigold (w/in 30 min) also in case DD gets in there....we already have DD enrolled at Three Cedars, Waldorf school in Bellevue, for the fall, so I'm hoping we'll be able to make that work in Phx also. Ideally, we'd like a 3-4 BR house with a fenced area, clean, great kitchen, room for a home office for me.

And, what else does a transplanted PNW-er need to know before moving to AZ?!? I've read some other threads on the Utah / Arizona board about the bugs - shudder - and traffic, but I contract from home, so I'm not worried about the traffic, other than for DH work and DD's school. Bugs, on the other hand, terrify me......especially desert ones!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or things that I must know before moving!
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