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any reassurance? please?

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hi again,
so, i'm feeling so confused and scared at the moment.... i was all decided to just get this abscessed/dead tooth extracted and at the last minute the holistic dentist convinced me to get my amalgams replaced at the same time (3 besides the extracted tooth) by saying that the amalgams could interfere with my recovery of the extraction and lead to more surgery and my daughter (22 months) is already getting more mercury from them staying in than if they come out. since he was drilling deep into my jaw i really didn't like the idea of more surgery and i had skimmed the study jane s posted a while back about the mercury not being found in the blood after amalgam removal (i think), anyhow i guess i decided to just get them out and he took them out this morning. i'm taking a lot of vit c but that's it. then i went back to this forum and read more and now i'm freaked the **** out wondering if dd is going to be okay. i thought i'd nurse her less today but that did not end up happening. i feel fine/normal and so far she is (surgery was this morning) and i guess basically i just want to know, has anyone done this and they and their lo were just fine no problems? and, is there anything else i should be doing for me and her? right now, for me: vit C, vit E and selenium tablet (just the rec dose), going to start being more religious about CLO, going to try to eat the things rec like broccoli, garlic, eggs, etc. to bind.... for her, try to give her some vit c and clo and broccoli but she's unpredictable what she'll take/eat. how do you know if mercury is becoming a problem for you or your lo (hopefully not!) ? should i be giving her chlorella or something?
thank you so much, everyone, for any reassurance/advice/experience you can share.... (and tanya, thank you so much for your advice, which i planned to take and now am freaking out about not taking, but i liked this dentist and he sounded sensible and knowledgable so....)
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bump? i know everyone's experience is different, but....
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