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Any Recs for Holistic MD for Adults

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I have a wonderful holistic ped for my baby, but I haven't really found one in the DC area for me. Does anyone have any reccomendations? I found plenty of NDs, but I need an MD. I would travel a little for a good one.
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Dr. Peter Hinderberger is in Baltimore and is a Homeopathic and Anthroposphic MD. He's great, he seems to go the natural route (using mostly homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes (I even got a Rilke poem once--along with a remedy), but I am sure he'll use the MD part if necessary.

I don't have his number on me right now, but if you google his name, you'll see a website for Ruscombe Mansion (it is right next door to the Baltimore Waldorf School). Don't know how far that is for you. But good luck!
I am not sure what area of MD you are in, but my doctor is Dr. Marianne Rothschild, near Frederick. She is an MD who combines holistic and natural therapies with traditional medicine as needed... she is really lovely and has a beautiful home and office.

I hope that helps!
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