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any sergers to NOT use for sewing dipes?

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I can't seem to get any reccomendations for a good serger to GET for sewing diapers, are there any types/brands I should just plain avoid? Are they all fairly standard? Would you reccomend getting one from a local shop (gobs of quilting stores here) or online?

While I actually have myself in the right forum, does this seem like a good snap press? I know nada about them
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I hated my White for any sort of sewing. It might have been me, but it was too jerky or something. I loved my brother, which was my mother's, and then bought a cheapy Singer which I also love.

I have that exact snap press and it works great.

Good luck to you. It's exciting sewing dipes!
I have that press too & I
it! I also love my White serger. I've never had a problem with it.
But I think I read somewhere that the quality has gone downhill recently, and I've had mine for over 10 years (FYI, it's the 834 DW).
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I wouldn't get a newer singer.
I would get something from an actual sewing machine or sew and vac store (often these places have free classes and help)that had a good return policy, take it home and immediatley try it out on the toughest, craziest fabric you have to make sure it will do the job for ya.
I've been running around to sewing machine stores serging 6 layers of hemp jersey. Seemed like a good test to me! I've tested Huskylocks, Brothers and Pfaff IRL. All the Huskylocks worked great, the Brothers choked, and the midrange Pfaff choked but not as much as the Brothers and I have been assured that if the machine had been clean, it would have worked fine.

I have one more store to visit. I think I am going to buy online though. Much cheaper and while classes are nice, I barely have time to go out and test sergers, let alone take a class.

There have been many threads recently here and in Sew, Serge and Embroider on buying a serger, that is probably why no one answered your other post. Maybe a search or two will give you the information you are looking for, several posts have information from diaper wahms and I consider that to be the best!!
I wouldn't get a brother serger. I had THREE of them in a row and they all broke. The only saving grace was that I got them from wal-mart and they took them back. Now they don't carry them anymore.. at least not here. When I called the company, they said I had to pay shipping to send it in to be fixed and they would ship it back to me in 6-10 weeks.. IF the warranty covered the problem.

Now, I have a babylock imagine. It's a WONDERFUL machine, but at about $1000-$1200, it doesn't fit in most budgets for diaper sewing (I sew my daughters clothing, etc etc etc so it was a solid investment for me)

But inbetween, I had the MOST wonderful serger for a basic serger. It was a Kenmore serger from sears. The cost is about $300 if you find them on sale.. $350 if you don't. This serger handled just about everythign I threw at it (it didn't like more than four thick layers though.. so no 5 layer hemp fleece soaker .. but that's just too much for almost any serger) But the best part was the Sears warranty. It's extra, but for like $70, you can get 3 years of cleanings and ALL repairs (except light bulb and blad kind of stuff) covered. This sounds like a lot of money, but just a yearly cleaning here costs $100 for a serger.. and that's with NO repairs. So, if I paid for yearly cleanings.. which you NEED with a serger it would cost me $300. Say my timing went out once a year.. that's another $40 each time. Really, their warranties are the BEST out there.

Sears doesn't offer in store support, lessons or anythign like that. But their mchines are awsome. And, they have a 30 day money back guranatee.. no questions asked. I have their basic sewing machine and I love it. I thought I wanted a computerized one so I spent like $800 on one.. got it home, and I just didn't enjoy sewing on a computerized machine liek I thought I would. After two weeks, I took it back and they gave me my money back with a smile. You will NOT find that anywhere else either. The $1000 babylock I got had a five day money back gurantee.. heck, that was barely enough time to get it plugged in and threaded!.

Anyway.. For $350 (I recommned waiting for a sale.. they happen a lot at sears sewing centers) and $70 for a warranty, you'll get the best deal. Yeah.. it's more money now, but after 3 years of paying for repairs, having yoru machien possibly gone for months at a time, and paying for yearly cleanings, you'll spend WAY more than that and most likely not be nearly as happy. I wasn't anyway until I got my kenmore serger. Here is the link

Sorry so long! I've just been really happy with sears and this serger. I dont' use her anymore because I have this one that has no tesion dials to set and is self-threading and I'm super spoiled.. but I'd go back to my kemore in a heartbeat if I really had to.

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I have the very same snap press as well and I
it too!

As for sergers, mine is a Janome it hasn't failed me yet. I am sure that there are better ones out there but I am not brave enough to get another just in case threading a different machine might be harder. It took me months till I could get it right the first time
its not hard to do now I'm just a slow learner
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