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any spinners here?

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i started doing a little hand spinning but i have way more fiber from my samoyed than i will ever be able to get through... i'd like to make DD a blanket before she goes to college. :p anyone here have a drum carder and want to make a few $$$?
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hi there-
I just got back from the Sheep and Wool Festival here in Rhinebeck NY and bought myself my first spindle and bag of Romney. I did manage to pick up a few business cards from a few vendors along the way. WOnderland Dyeworks was my last stop and I think they had some drum carders [email protected] or
It was so overwelming for me (as a NOVICE) but it was fun.
I feel that I need to watch a few experts again to feel like I know what I am doing.
How long have you been spinning?

that festival sounds fun! to clarify, i don't want to buy a drum carder, i want to send my chien wool to someone who does have one! and can spin it for me.

i bought a spinning wheel at a yardsale the christmas before last, and my sammy died 2 days later. so i took it as a sign. it's super sentimental for me. there's a spinning supplier in solvang, ca that is great, and i bought carders from them. i have made 3 balls of yarn so far, of course it is uneven, but i am proud to have done it! it's pretty slow going but i enjoy it. some places are weirded out by dog fiber and i've read (i have nothing to compare it with) it is harder to spin than wool because it is more slippery, not, well, wooly.

any WAHM spinners who can help? ideas?
I used to do hand spinning as well, but it would take a long time to do enough for a blanket! Lots of people spin yarn from dog hair, and although my Malamute has more than enough hair to spare I've never tried. You might want to check out for spinning supplies and carders , but also email and ask if they can refer you to a fiber artist who can take your dog hair and card and spin and then either knit or weave it for you. They've got a huge network of artists and I seem to remember a woman who was doing this.
Good luck!
thank you! i will check them out. i wanted to see if there's a friend in our community here who might do it.

oh, when i say blanket, i mean a very loose open knit, like mohair. it would be too hot otherwise. the fur of the double-coated breeds is very insulating. i love malamutes and hope to cohabit with one someday! did you crochet or knit anything with the stuff you've spun?
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