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Hi there,
I lurk but haven't posted much. A few Mothering Mamas have offered milk but none are in St. Louis and shipping is $100 for about 100 ounces so I thought I'd do better to confine this to a St. Louis or regional area. If you or someone you know within 2 hours of St. Louis has a stash of breastmilk you don't need in the freezer that is one year old or less, please let me know! Little Alexa is coming home from Guatemala and needs it! You can PM me here or email me at treefroggy8 on yahoo email or IM me on treefroggy68 on yahoo IM. I will have some questions for you but please contact me! If you have other ideas besides LLL, let me know! Like if you know a Lactation Consultant you could ask about this (some do this on the side but they have to be careful for legal implications so would need to be a progressive one). Many thanks in advance!! I did this with my first adopted child and boy is he smart! High power milk from several mamas is why! LOL. THANKS!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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