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Any suggestions for my dd for nighttime? Must be something easy to get! Spam me!

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I've been using FBs at night since dd was 2 months old. I'm not sure that I've ever tried anything else. ??? However, she's between sizes right now. The mediums and Petite Toddlers are leaving red marks on her legs that last throughout the day, but the larges are still way too big in the legs and waist.

So, I want a new solution...quick! I'm thinking of using a toddler prefold (I have 6 of them) with a fleece liner. But, what kind of cover should I put over it that won't leave red marks? It can't be from somewhere that I have to stalk. I need it NOW! I'd prefer fleece over wool. Suggestions? Do you have something to sell me used or new? Spam extremely welcome!

Her measurement last time I took them (probably 1.5 months or so ago?) were: waist- 17", rise- 17", thighs- 11".

Help us! Please!
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I had a Stacinator Fleece for nighttime and it was awesome! Never a leak and so easy to wash. She's pretty easy to get too.
You're talking about the Deluxe 2 layer cover, right? I had one of those a while ago. I had a large, but I think she really needed a medium. That thing was huge and so poofy! Are they much better when they're the right size?
I had a large too and it was just too big for DD, I would think a medium would fit her just right.
Stacinator wool or fleece would be perfect. I vote wool since you don't have to wash it as often it's actually more economical. I ALWAYS use a woolly liner too- it makes such a difference. Here is exactly what I do:

fleece topped hemp doubler
woolly liner
prefold or countour
wool cover

He's a bit bulky compared to a FB and 3 insert but it works!
bumping for more suggestions...
I'm not crazy about the idea, but I'm going to try Bummis Whisper Pants over a toddler CPF with a fleece liner tonight.
What about a Sugar Peas windpro cover??? I don't think they are nearly as bulky as a stacinator.

Originally Posted by hannahmom
What about a Sugar Peas windpro cover??? I don't think they are nearly as bulky as a stacinator.
I think the information about them says something like "a great daytime cover" or something like that. ???
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