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Any suggestions for non toxic chewable toys for someone with pica

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I am having a very down day.

dd1 is really acting up (SPD).

I feel sad.

She cried all the way to school this morning (she goes for 2.5 hours a day).
A struggle so far today.
To relax she ate a diaper wipe....and twirled on the she is trying to eat a tube of lipbalm.

Could anyone give me suggestions on toys/ chewable/ natural stuff to get her? There is no one texture she goes after.....
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Google "chew tubes" and you'll find lots of chewy toys make specifically for kids that seek/need oral input but would destroy regular teething type toys.

There's a few here; we've been looking at getting some for DS. Not sure about "natural" but it's gotta beat eating a baby wipe, right?

Otherwise maybe something like this, maple teether?
How about wooden spoons? When ds1 was little and still teething, he was very aversive to most plastic/rubber textures, and so he teethed on wooden spoons, since all teethig toys were out. Oh! Another thing he liked to chew on was dried wakame seaweed. It rehydrates as they chew on it, but stays chewy and is good nutritionally, too.
My students tend to favor these products: Chewy Tubes as well as the Ark Grabbers

Both products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and even scents!
queencarr---the seaweed...I am going to buy some...that would be awesome!

Thanks everyone else too...I will check out the other sites!

MDC rocks!
Glad to help! I found mine at the HFS but Asian markets should have it, too.
but you have to get the natural kind for it to be chewy and tough enough! DH once suggested beef jerky but the scent of the smoke flavoring makes me gag! (Plus it kinda smells like dog treats to me! No offense to jerky fans! LOL!)

We have a break away necklace if he needs to chew for a while:
sorry i may be jumping in without much knowledge of the entire situation.
what about a sophie the giraffe, natural rubber and non-toxic dyes?
unless your dc is a very very vigorous chewer.
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