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I've been having:
Sporadic nausea - worse if I am sitting or laying down - but no vomiting
Fatigue - if I lay down after 2:00 pm, I will fall asleep immediately
Peeing quite often!

Mostly I am feeling okay. The fatigue may partly be due to my switch to decaf coffee. Pre-pregancy I would drink coffee throughout the day to get my caffeine fix, but now that is out.

On the days I don't feel nausea, I worry that something is wrong. Of course!

I've been trying to get better about eating decently, but am still far from my ideals.

I'm not sure if my tummy is a little bloated, or if I just want it to be. I love having a pregnant belly and wearing maternity clothes.

Unfortunately my extremely flat chest doesn't grow during pregnancy so I'll have to wait until my milk comes in to get the B-cup I covet (On the plus side, I have had an extremely easy time breastfeeding both my children, so though small, they definitely work well!)

Need to fix my sig line - EDD 3/3/05 (or 3/11/05 if this baby takes after his brothers, both 8 days late).
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