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Oh yes, lot of symtoms here. The nausea started at about 6dpo and has been constant every since. No actual vomiting yet, just constantly feeling like I'm about to.
My breasts are extremely sensitive. It's excrutiating when Koen first latches on but after a bit it's fine. Very emotional. Had some cramping early in the week but that seems to have stopped now. Oh and the power sniffer is in full force! Karl thinks that's the funniest pg thing of all! Though when I was in the commissary today I got a waft of coffee, though I was a good 5 aisles from the coffee aisle, the wave of nausea that hit wasn't so funny.

I think that's it... oh and my belly's popping out. I pretty much just look bloated, can't wait till I actually look pg!

It sounds odd but I love feeling like crap in early pg. It's very reasuring to me as I felt nothing with the 4 losses.

It's so interesting how some women can have little to no symtoms and their pg is perfectly healthy while others can be puking their guts out the entire time! I'm very happy to be right in the middle!
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