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Hi Everyone...

Let me introduce is Aldona, almost 45 now, born of lithuanian immigrants in Baltimore, grew up in Upstate NY. Well since 1978, and after 1 yr at a lithuanian boarding school, I married a german man. Since then, I've pretty much spent my last 28 yrs just vegetating away.... well not really, just being a bit "dramatic"

During that time, we raised 2 girls, now in their twenties, and 1 boy turning 14 in October. The girls I ended up sending through the german schools... during which time I became pregnant with Michael, and can remember crying my eyes out, because I dreaded of sending yet another child through the horrific german school system. I felt paralyzed.... Then I decided a few yrs back, to take my youngest, and go back to the states for a while, to see if my children were some how "different", or if the school system here really did have a huge "kink" in it. After 12 months, a few moves within the county, we had tried out 4 different schools, and I was pleased to learn, that Michael could feel comfortable in a school environment. That he was interested in learning about new things, and that he did not mind going to school opposed to getting migraines and stomach aches going to school here in Germany.

After our "research" year, we had decided to homeschool Michael. It's been 3 yrs now, and I don't regret making that decision. It has taught us all something about government, social values, and the social systems. It hasn't been easy dealing with homeschooling on an emotional level, as it isn't exactly illegal, but the authorities do believe, that schooling is a federal issue, and that desks MUST be filled by bodies between the ages of 6-18, no matter what conditions may be at these public/private schools.

During the yrs. of my children's schooling, we were able to try out 3 Grundschulen, 1 Realschule, 1 International school, 2 Gimnasiums. They were all "Mangelhaft", except for 1. That was a Grundschule in Viernheim, Schillerschule. The Director makes or breaks the School's reputation, even though the whole Lehrerkraft will defend the school til the ship goes down.
Oh, we did have that one Realschule do really well, but that was due to the Director/Principal. He was from East Germany, a real Pedagoge. He respected his students, and they respected their school. It showed in the Hallways, which were very clean and quiet. After he left, the school went down the drain.

Anyway, I didn't want to get into all of that just yet, but I was hoping that there might be other moms here with teenage kids in my area to get together and do some fun stuff with. Cultural and educational are my favorites!

Oh, I also breastfed all 3 of my babies, Anja being the longest (16 months). I am very much into Homeopathic remedies, and Bach Flower Remedies and other natural medicines.

We also have a Golden Retriever, a Sheltie and a Himalayan-Persian. Ooops, forgot Mike's Nymphensittich! Cockatiel, in english!

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