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Any thoughts on jungle monkies aio?

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I just saw these on ebay. I've never bought diapers on ebay before and they have some cute prints. I checked the diapering reviews but didn't see anything for jungle monkies.

Anyone know anything about them?
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The one I had was total crap. Poorly made, sized ridiculously wrong, and generally just BAD. I have no idea if it worked because it was HUGE. I sold it for a fraction of what I paid.

Thanks so much Amy! That is just the kind of thing I wanted to know.

Thanks Izzybee! I forgot about diaperpin - I only looked for them at the mothering review area. Two months of cloth diapering - one of these days I'll remember everything :LOL
Yeah, I was fooled by all of the reviews on Diaperpin... which was why I ordered one.

I have no review of her c/s, I didn't attempt to return it. This AIO was clearly a second (major sewing flaws clearly visible) and I was too pissy to deal with it.
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Thanks Sheena. I noticed the reviews were very hit or miss. I was just excited because they were pretty inexpensive and, since my hubby's hasn't been working for about 8 months, inexpensive has a real appeal! I'm off to do some more searching.

Have I mentioned you are just about the most helpful people I've ever seen?
Her previous name was Monkey Bottoms, it looks like all her diaperpin reviews under that name (including mine) have been erased since she changed her name Too bad really, I really let loose a piece of my mind.

ETA, nevermind, mine is down there just the second to the bottom. All the good reviews were left by her friends, which she told me she would do if I left a negative one so I wouldn't be heard.
I had one under the prior name. It was terrible. Leaked straight through in 10 minutes. She DID take it back though, so I appreciated that. But she said it was so unusual and all of her customers love them and use them overnight, blah blah blah.

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