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Looking for people of like mind to chat, network, start a small community or join one.We are living in a very conservative city ( with little tolerance for alternative lifestyles) the few people we do try to be freinds with always seem to be after the bigger better deal. while the Hubby and I are not opposed to making some scratch...Hubby does work, I stay at home with the children and would prefer to remain at home with them or at the very least tending my own garden.(yes I have had flack for opting to be a stay at home Mom).

We on several occaisions have helped many with home reno projects,setting up a friends business,helped another with her hoarding issues and yes became Godparents to a boy whose parents we thought would turn out to be lifelong friends. We even broached the subject of pitching in with these friends to purchase land so we could all benifit from it.Mind you saving the money would be awhile away but we were confident we could do this with our combined talents.

In the end whenever we asked if they could help us in some small way they always seem to be magically injured or busy or , yes: even this lame one" Bummer I forgot".

So, what we're looking for are people who have a strong sense of ethics, try to be green wherever possible, like Nature and kids, intelligent or wise ( woodsy or street), think outta the box and have an urge to try off the grid living or help two people who just wanna raise their children with a deep respect for our world and the people in it. We're not afraid of some hard work and we value good friends.

Peace Out

Matron Alison Allen

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