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OK My dd#1 birthday is coming up on the 24th this month.. We are planning on going to Breakers Water park... We have never been there... We live in Willcox so its a hour and half drive anyhow.. My question is this. I have a 3 year old and a 8 week old who will be 10 weeks then... Do you think that it is ok to bring a baby that small to a place like that.. I just planned on staying in the kiddie area with dd#2 .. That way I really didnt have to worry about her going to far in the water where its deep.. I figure its all the same depth in the kiddie area.. My dh and his friend are gonna come with us.. I need to know if anyone has been there and if there is shaded areas where We can sit and watch.. So ds is out of the sun.. Another thing mamas I am concerend about is nursing.. He is breastfed only. I do pump so dh can feed once in awhile so a bottle isnt a issue for ds.. But they say NO coolers are allowed in the Park at all. SO Is there a locker room or somewhere I can go and nurse him.. I am not quiet skilled at NIP yet so I dont feel comfortable with doing that just yet. and I dont know how other people will take it.. YKWIM.. we are going the 25th so please fill me in on the down low of breakers..
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