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Any WA state attorneys here?

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My parents want to amend their most recently updated will. They wish to change the way their estate is to be divided between the 4 kids (they want to set a certain amount to each of 3 kids and the rest of the estate to go to the fourth).

They both have difficulty with transportation due to health issues (stroke) and don't like the lawyer that did their wills for them in January (hard to get to his office and they had personality differences

Anyway, they like everything else in their wills (POA, POA Health Care, etc), but just want to make this one (or, rather, 4, changes).

Can they just use this

to make the changes themselves and have it witnessed and notarized? They plan on doing handwritten notes, as well, to each of the 3 kids, explaining why they are doing this (to avoid contesting the will). They would do a video, as well, if that would "lock" things even more so.

Any legal eagles out there with suggestions?

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