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Any water mama's out there?

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I thought I would hate water workouts. I tried a deep water workout once before and didn't feel like I got much of a workout. However, I went with a friend and we chatted a lot. I have now gone to 3 deep water workouts and I love it. These are my reasons...

1. The resistance of the water gives both sets of muscles a workout and I can less or create more resistance if needed.
2. My arms get a great workout and that is my biggest problem area.
3. I can only workout at 6am, so it's very refreshing and really wakes me up and fills me with energy.
4. I'm already wet and ready to shower when I'm finished.
5. I'm not all hot and sweaty like I am in a aerobics class. I have a hard time cooling down and I continue to sweat when I try to do my hair and makeup and it's very annoying.

I have heard that water sports burns a lot more callories because of the resistance of the water. I have also heard that you don't loose weight as easily because your body is cooler than doing a dry land class. I only have about 10lbs to go and what I most want is to build muscle and tone. I hate weights, but I need resistance.

I do have to be careful because it's easy to slack off. The only downside is that the class is full of "older" people and they tend to slack and get in my way when we are on the move in the pool.
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HI! I just started a water workout class last night and I LOVED it! I will keep going. Its for one hour, once a week, but I may start going twice if i can afford it. I am a bit sore, but not TOO bad for someone out of shape, and I felt great afterwards.
I LOVE water workouts. I did them a ton when I was in college, and have done them the last 3 summers (the only pool within an hours drive is outdoor). I wish I could do them year-round
You found a deep water aerobics class too easy? Wow... when I was 14 I took a couple classes and they just about killed me and I didn't even come close to keeping up with the rest of the class.

Maybe either find a more energetic instructor or try doing twice as much as everyone else. Like start with the slowest person in the class and do twice as much as them, and then when that's easy start trying to double the next slowest person... until you can't double the speed/intensity of the person who's just a bit behind you in fitness because they've been pushing harder from watching you.
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