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my title might sound harsh - but I really mean it "tounge-and-cheek" so don't get alarmed!!

We co-sleep w/my now 18 month old son and we both love it (DH, maybe not so much!!). DS and I sleep on a queen bed, and my DH has been sleeping on a "side-car'ed" twin trundle bed at basically the same level (so its like one big California King, kind of, w/DS between us - but he usually pushes me to the edge of the bed, and then lays on top of me, leaving LOTS of room between him and DH)!!

Its becomming increasingly difficult as I am almost 6 months pregnant - and EVERYtime my son wakes up even a tiny bit at night, he rolls to me and needs to be cuddled or lay directly on top of me to fall back asleep. This happens about every 50 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. So a lot.

This interrupts my sleep (which is highly coveted as I am exhausted w/this pregnancy, being the primary caregiver to a toddler, and working 30 hrs a week) - and as I sometimes suffer from "pregnancy insomnia", if I get woken up during certain sleep cycles, I can't get back to sleep for hours. I am a walking zombie!!

Also, I REALLY worry about what to do w/the new baby. My son is a "dangerous" sleeper - he head butts me in the face nearly nightly, and has gotten close to breaking my nose. He gave me a slight concusion a few months ago!! I am scared of how his flailing and demanding that I hold him the way he wants me to will hurt the baby...

DH wants to just move him to his own bed - but I think that will be too traumatic, so I've been trying "baby steps" - last night, I switched spots w/DH, and moved to the side car bed, hoping my son would let my DH cuddle him at night. NO GO! He just kept climbing in the little bed with me. Sigh. We have tried putting DS in the side car bed, w/DH next to him - and he will literally climb over him to get to me. Sigh.

I would love to be able to get ds in either a side car crib next to my husband (so that I can have the new baby in a co-sleeper next to me), or maybe even in his own room - but he doesn't seem ready for either. I just don't see how the current situation is going to work...

Any tips on how to get my son to 1) not need to lay directly on me or in my arms at night, 2) to accept this attention from DH, and/or 3) to convince him to stay in his side car area, or get him in his own room before #2 arrives in 3 months?

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