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Any Wellington people?

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Any Whitby people or surounding areas? My best friend is moving to NZ, her husband grew up there and wants to return. I would love to help her set up some contacts. All the paper work is done, they are now looking for jobs (teaching/insurance-accounting), schools, and homes.
edited to expand the area to Wellington. Is there just another board that is better for those in NZ?
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Hi, We're in Paraparaumu, which is about 20mins from Whitby.
There's a Wellington API group thats getting going (still kind of finding its feet) so if your friend wants to join, I'm sure she'll meet some more like minded people from Wellington. Let me know if your friend wants the eamil address, and I'll find it and give it to you.

There's no other board in NZ (not that I've found anyway) we don't get Mothering Magazine over here, so I imagine that not many people have heard of it.

sorry its taken so long to reply, I don't check this tribe very often.
I sent you a PM but if you don't get it, please post any info you have.
Yay more AP people to help us in our quest to infiltrare the Wellington!
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