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Anybody done a Breast Cancer 3-day?

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I've been interested in doing one of these for years. I'm not sure if I can get my dh alonng on this, but it's a good possibility. But I may have to do it alone or perhaps with some girlfriends. So I wanna hear from some MDC mamas w ho have done this. Especially if you have done this with kiddos. If I decided to do it, I'd have to do it with my kiddos. I cannot be away from them that long and I think having them there would be good for them, even though they're too tiny to remember it. So is it possible to pull it off? Am I allowed to bring 2 small children with me? Emma is a great stroller rider and I imagine I'd need to stop for a break as often as she would. Mattie I don't know yet. Also, I'm wondering if it's too much, if I can't make the whole walk, is there any problem with that? Or how is it handled if people get too tired or my babies can't take it. I'm just wondering if it's even realistic to attempt such a feat with 2 so small. I'm sure I could talk dh into going alonng and helping out. I appreciate any feedback from annybody who's BTDT, whether you did it with kiddos or without. Tell me your story.
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I called them the other day & spoke with them because my concern was nighttime nursing my almost 1 yr old. They said that you cannot bring your family with you on the walk or have them sleep over
They can meet you on the trip at your different stops, but cannot actually walk with you. Im going to have to pass this year since I dont know how my son will be nursing at night at the time of the walk so I dont want to chance it.

I cant wait to do the walk though, I may see if we can volunteer or something
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