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Anybody else not like RRL Tea, but trying so hard to drink it?

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I am trying so hard to like it, but I just don't! I never have liked tea, no matter how much stuff you add to it! I am trying to drink 3-4 cups a day as my MW recomended, but it is such a struggle. They must sell it is pill form for people like me

Anyone else in this position, and have you found anyway to make it more bearable?
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Me too, me too! Couldn't stand RRL tea on its own. Now I'm drinking a blend made by Traditional Medicinals called (simply enough) Pregnancy Tea and I add a Republic of Tea blend called Orange Ginger Mint (which helped my m/s a lot, btw
), and add a whole bunch of honey. There's 350 mg of RRL in the blend. I looove my tea now. My evening routine with DH consists of a cuppa this stuff and a full belly rub-down with Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve. My version of pregnancy heaven!

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They definately do come in capsule form...I just don't know where to recommend finding them, and whether or not they work as well, my sister used them though. Hope this helps a little.
Not PG but I drink RRL Tea just because I like it, tastes close to black tea without the caffiene. However, I can't stand it as hot tea even though I love hot tea in general. Try it iced. Its a completely different beverage.
Try drinking it iced -- much better! I will brew a blend of RRL (or the pregnancy tea the PP mentioned) and another tea I like the taste of.
I like it iced too. I add honey and lemon. My favourite thing to drink in the summer.

A friend of mine started taking the capsules when she stopped liking the taste. I can ask her where she found them. I know she was shopping for the leaves at a natural health food store, it was likely there.
I don't like RRL tea either. I take it in glycerin tincture. 1 dropperful = 1 cup tea. It still doesn't taste great but a lot better than tea. I swish it in my mouth for a couple of minutes and then swallow, you absorb more through the mucous membranes in your mouth that way.

Funny I should see this thread as I just found the capsules yesterday. Woooo!
I can't stand RRL tea hot or cold. I was speaking with a doula at my birth centre yesterday and she said the capsules are just as good to take. The bottle says to take 1-3 per day so I'm going to go with 3. They still smell and taste gross, but only for the fleeting amount of time it takes to get them down.

I feel dumb asking but I have never heard of this?? Should I be drinking this tea too!?
RRL is Red Raspberry Leaf's a uterine toner and therefore supposed to help prepare for delivery and postpartum. It is also high in calcium and other good minerals too that I can't remember but I am sure that others can tell you more. Definately doesn't hurt to drink it. Different midwives will recommend different amounts but 2 cups a day in the second trimester and 3 in the third seems pretty standard, which is what I am doing (some days at least).

I just thought I'd mention I made some tea like suggested today, I hadn't thought of that
and haven't been drinking tea as of late because it's been so hot. It's yummy (I added lemon and honey) and plus now there is some ready in the fridge for tomorrow
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Hee hee, me neither. So I just don't bother. <shrug>
I don't really like RRL tea plain or hot, so I make it with peppermint leaves. I brew I large strong pot of loose leaf teas, half RRL and half Peppermint-then I water it down and put it in a large container in the fridge. It lasts for several days and I drink it over ice several times a day. It's really yummy and light. My DH drinks some now and again and jokes about how he can feel his uterus toning right up! I might have to switch to tincture or pills when the seasons change as I loathe it hot (the tea)
I drink the Traditional Medicinals pregnancy tea, it's good, not very strong tasting. I sweeten it a little. It has rrl in it along with some other things that I guess are probably also good for pregnancy.
TRY THIS: I'm totally addicted. For one big pitcher, brew 12 bags of RRL tea in 4 cups of water. Let that steep for a while...I usually let it sit at least half an hour or so. That makes about 1/3 of your pitcher....Fill up another third with cold water, and the rest: APPLE JUICE. It sweetens it just enough and it tastes GOOD. I've been drinking that concoction for weeks now.

good luck...
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I only will drink the Compleat RRL tea. All others taste gross to me. I'm pretty addicted to it---ice cold and with lemon! I started out watering it down so it would last longer, and now that I'm getting closer, it's full-strength. BUT---I'm a firm believer if you don't like something, you should listen to your body
Good luck!
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I just had to add to this thread. I also could not stand the taste of RRL tea. To me, it tastes like hot water with dirt added. I tried the suggestion of making iced tea with it and adding lemon juice and a sweetner. What a difference! I love it. In fact, now I'm wondering - is it possible to drink too much of the stuff? I'm probably drinking 2-3 glasses a day. The weather here has been so hot and it's a very refreshing drink. I just don't want to over do it. (I can't believe I'm even saying this, because I could barely choke down a single cup a day drinking it hot!)
I find my capsules smell/taste fishy. Blegh.
Still, it's better than drinking the tea.


Originally Posted by georgia
I only will drink the Compleat RRL tea.
Do you mean the Compleat Mother Tea? If so, this stuff is great! Organic too.
i've been enjoying mine with either a slice of lemon and a few mint leaves, or mixed with about a third of a glass of lemonade. but i don't like it so much plain...

and it has to have lots of ice! anyone else out there chomping ice by the bucketful? can't get enough of it...

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