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Waving! I have both!

I used didymos iwth my first....then when she got heavy and was only carrying her in the hip position had too much material left over...the maya was handy for on the go when she was in stroller and wanted to be carried on the hip I could get the maya wrap and easily slip her in.

For my ds who is no 8 months...used didymos for the first few months... cradle, cross carry etc. Now he wants to see everything so now is again in hip position. So I go to the maya wrap.

I do prefer the didymos when we go on long outings as his weight is evenly distributed on both shoulder and back... and he can sleep on me and I dont get sore. The Maya I get sore after long period and hard to have on hip when hiking etc.

I still want to figure out the backpack carry position (didnt figure it out with my first one). APparently I was doing it right just got to get the hang of it.

Some people complain about Didymos as there are many ways to wrap around you but u have to find what works best for you.

If you are planning another child in near future... then I say its worth the money. If not...then stay with the maya.

Its really good for the first 6 months for all the position...then after that it varies.

Hope that helps.

pm me if you have more questions

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