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I'm looking for people who have experience with both to compare them for me.

I made my own Maya wrap, and although I love it, it is a little awkward sometimes.. Baby is in the kangaroo position right now and I feel like the 'grade' of the fabric in front is too steep, either he can't see out or if I put his arm out in front, I'm afraid it will cut off the circulation. (I hope this is making sense). If I loosen the front a little I am too afraid of him falling out. Maybe I need to tighten the middle a bit? Also, I can't seem to get the fabric spread out enough on my shoulder ('shoulder cap') to make it comfortable. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Anyway, I've been eyeing a Didymos. In fact, the more proper word would be 'coveting'. But they are not cheap and we are VERY broke.

For anyone who has both of these, how do they compare? Which one do *you* like better? Is the Didymos worth the $$? I made my own Maya wrap for just $25.
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