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Anybody have experience using a cloth liner for overnight disposable use?

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DD (2.5) is a heavy wetter. We use disposables at night, and she's recently been waking up in the middle of the night because she's sopping wet.

I was thinking maybe I could come up with a cloth liner for overnights, to make the diaper go a little longer (until morning)? Has anybody done this? I'd like to make the liners myself.

My main questions would be:

1) what material to use -- maybe fleece? What kind of fleece?

2) what shape to make the liners -- rectangular, long and oval (like a maxi pad?), hourglass?

Thanks, mamas!
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Are you needing more absorbancy? Just wanting to keep her skin dry so she doesnt wake? or both?

Keeping her dry is easy
I would just cut up some microfleece into rectangles and insert that in her dipe at night it will keep her skin pretty dry. I dont cut mine into any fancy shape...just rectangles.

If its an absorbancy issue you could go two ways I guess:
1) Use the fleece to keep her dry and throw a cover over the disposable to keep pj's/bedding dry -assuming you have a cover that is.
2) Make a liner with absorbant material topped with the microfleece. If you sew this should be pretty easy to do.

My two year is a heavy wetter too, and I havent had any luck with a disposable that works over night for us...I just really, really stuff his Nikky covers at bedtime and he walks around with some serious "bubble bum"
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I see I'm not alone.

DS (13 months) is a heavy wetter, and I always have to change his sposie in the middle of the night. I always think how dumb it is that you can't add absorbancy. You gave me an idea!

I would think the good thing to do would be add something absorbant, with a fleece liner. That way you get the stay dry feel with extra absorbancy. Maybe even just a folded flat with a fleece liner for the sewing challenged like me.
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we had the same problem with my son, now 20mo but a super heavy night time wetter. Nothing worked, that is until we discovered Huggies overnights, it is the only diaper that keeps his clothes dry most nights. He may still have a slight leek once a week or so. We were using big old hemp fitted with two hemp doublers and an Aristrocrats soaker and he leaked every night, the soaker was very well lanolized too! Try the Huggies overnights
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A few years back I used sposies and my guy was always soaking the diaper at night and waking up wet. So, I bought some Kissaluvs super boosters to use in the sposies. Well, night after night the booster would absorb everything and the sposie would barely be wet. So, I decided that I needed to take a much closer look at cloth because I simply couldn't believe how inefficient sposies were compared to cloth.

I got him switched over to cloth the next month (not to mention his newborn baby brother). We never used another sposie again.
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