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I'm thinking something where we can swap babywatching so we can do things - whether it's during the week so you can take a yoga class, or on the weekend so you can have a date, doesn't really matter. Would anyone be interested in this?<br><br>
I know there are lots of mamas in this area, just wondering if anyone else was interested.<br><br>
If you're interested, maybe include your general geographic region and whether you SAH/WOH (so we know daytime availability). I suppose we would need to know the age(s) of your child(ren)... and I usually assume that sitter goes to baby, but if you'd prefer baby goes to sitter (which I suppose would be the case if your child(ren) are older), state that also.<br><br>
I'm in the East Bay, I SAH and I have a 7 mo.
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