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Anybody own a Necchi Bu Nova?

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Hello, I am currently looking for a new sewing machine and I have been reading a lot about vintage machines. I have been reading mostly about Singer and am contemplating buying one on Ebay. However, today at my local flee market I spotted a vintage Necchi Bu Nova. Looks good. The tag says it was recently refurbished. There was also a swatch of fabric that showed straight and zigzag stitches. My only concern with this machine is that it wouldn't be as easy to replace parts as a vintage Singer. Should I just grab it? It was $50. I am so not a compulsive buyer.......
Any thoughts?
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If you have $50 to spare and want a machine, buy it and hang the consequences!

The net is a big old place when you need spares
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Necchi Nova's are quite popular in the vintage machine market. $50 is a good deal, especially if it's in good working order. There is also a Yahoo group dedicated to Necchi's, which will help you learn about the machine and find any parts you may need. Beware- vintage machines are addictive!
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