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Anybody used St. Francis to birth a baby?

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Hi everyone. I'm still looking at all my options for having this baby and am wondering what the climate is at St. Francis. I know there is now one midwife there, but haven't heard how they are as a hospital or how the docs are. Are any of them VBAC friendly?

Tell me all you know!
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I've only talked to one person whose wife had a baby there so far (he was very happy with it, and had his first at JW as I did), but I plan to join the club in six or seven weeks. They're certainly more midwife-friendly than most of the facilities around here, other than MCV. I actually don't know exactly where the hospital *is* which I probably ought to remedy before I go into labor
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LOL @ finding it. Glad to hear of at least one good experience!

Really easy to get to. I just moved here and was able to find it all by myself

Just take 288 and the Luck's Lane exit. Go left (if you are coming from the South) at the end and then it's at the 2nd light (Charter Colony). Hospital is on the corner.

I'm not so sure if they are midwife friendly because last year there were two midwives there and they were both let go. Just about a month ago another midwife was able to get her foot in the door (Leslie Fehan). So, it's really hard to say. When I visited there the other day, I asked the lady on the L&D floor whether there were any VBAC friendly docs and she kind of wrinkled her nose. She did give me the names of two docs who she thought would be open, but I didn't leave there feeling confident that it was going to be a good match. So, I hope that someone comes along and gives me the real scoop--good or bad!
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The midwives were let go (with no warning) by Virginia Physicians for Women, my former practice (guess why I left?), so it really wasn't St. Francis' deal. The OB I see has been pretty open to discussions about childbirth - my first was drug-free, and I hope this one will be also. Her practice manager and I got into a discussion about MWs also, and he told me he expected the hospital will have worked something by the time I have my baby. Actually, my OB said it was pretty likely that a MW would be involved to some extent with my birth. I think it might have something to do with the fact that she used to be a nurse, so she knows that we don't need no steenkin' doctors to get things done.
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It's true that it wasn't a St. Francis thing, but at the same time I wonder how open the hospital is since they have mostly dealt with OB's since the two were "let go". I'm glad that one m/w is there now and hope to see more with the various practices at St. Francis.

I wonder if the climate is dictated by who is practicing there. KWIM? Like, if there were more m/w's there, would the nursing staff start catering more towards that or would they stick by the hospital "rules" for certain things. A lot depends on the women who are using a particular institution as well. If they simply go along with a medical model, then the nursing staff and others would follow suit to accommodate that. If more women wanted a natural birth, then the hosptal staff may be more inclined to hold off on the interventions longer.

Not sure if I'm making any sense at this point and mostly just thinking out loud, but do you see what I mean?

It's been hard to determine where the chips fall at St. Francis (admittedly I've had very limited discussions with them).
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I think the main issue with St F and MWs is that any MWs working there need to be affiliated with an OB practice, and there just aren't that many practices WITH midwives.
I don't disagree with you at all. If they can't get in the door through an OB practice, then they can't get in the door at all unless the hospital starts hiring them on staff and that's not likely to happen any time soon. I have heard of m/w's taking L&D nurse jobs when they are let go from practices, but they then cannot practice midwifery exactly.
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