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I am currently very excited to be exclusively nursing my 6 and a half month old DD. It took 4 months of grueling work to get us to this point because I have PCOS and some hormone imbalances. In the beginning my milk just didn't come in for over a week. I had to take goats rue to increase breast tissue, and more milk plus and domperidone to get my supply up, and I was forced to supplement initially. I am really, really hoping I NEVER have to supplement again for her, but obviously I would if I had to.
I would love to have another baby so she could have a sibling who's very close in age, but I'm hesitant because dd is still so young. I would hate to have my milk dry up completely. DH and I are talking about future family planning. PCOS causes fertility issues anyways, so this may never be an issue, but it would be reasuring to know there are other moms out there who were able to successfully breastfeed through pregnancy, despite having a rough start with their current nurslings.

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