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Anyone a patient of...

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Dr. Eicher at St Joseph's Hospital in Patterson NJ ? I 'm trying to get a feeding evaluation for my 3 yo ds. Most places have 18 mos waiting lists...just curious as to why she's so available? Any info would be appreciated!

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Hi Mama!

Not a patient of this Dr., but I'm going to ask my MIL about it. She works in St Joesph's Hospital and we see our cardiologist and nuero developmentalist there. I'll let you know....

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Hi RayRay,

I'd really appreciate any input! We were going to go to the CHOP feeding clinic but after I heard about their techniques and a number of people told me to beware I decided I'd better do my homework before I go anywhere!

So if you can find out anything I'd really appreciate the info!

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