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Anyone CD developmentally delayed older toddlers?

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DS (almost 3.5) has autism and I don't think he is anywhere near potty learning. I thought his current stash was going to fit him right up to potty learning - but I just had to put away 2 wonderoos, 1 med bummis cover, and 4 happy heinys are now losing waterproofness (but still fit great), along with two knitted wool covers that are getting too short in the rise.

We still have 12 diapers that fit (toddler prefolds and two prefitteds) along with 3 large bummis and 3 large honeyboy wool covers. What I need is some really inexpensive easy diapers (perhaps pockets, perhaps fitteds with nylon pull on covers) for daddy and babysitters. I do not trust DH with wool, he keeps throwing them in the diaper pail no matter how many times I have told him not to.

What do you use on your older toddlers/children. I am hoping this is the last I will have to buy as far as diapers are concerned for my son.
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My 3 yr old has severe developmental delays and probable autism too (on waiting list for dev. ped.). We have just been using cloth for about a month but love pockets! I use mostly FB but have a couple used Harleyz that work too. He didn't even mind switching over since the FB are still trim and take no longer to put on than a sposie plus the fleece keeps his skin dry. I am going to buy some more FB and maybe a couple other pockets to try when I get paid again. They seem to have a lot of growing room too
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I have friends in Scotland who have a daughter with Downs. She used cotton terry "nappies" folded into kite shapes and made her own covers. If that's not an option, perhaps one of the WAHM sites could do a custom order for you. You could try putting a note on the diaper pail, but we all know that men don't read directions
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Have you tried XL/XXL Fuzzibunz? XL fits 30-40 lbs and XXL is supposed to fit 40-60lbs.
FB has such a large size range, they have XL and XXL. I would think that would be a very convenient choice.
The Harleyz pockets go big too (, they look teeny but fit comfy like a Speedo. The M/L fits my 30lb wide toddler with room to grow. Here's the sizing on them:

m/l fits approximately 14-40lbs (or closer to 50lbs in side snapping) Max fits over 30lbs (not available in side snap at the moment)
Choose either front touchtape or side snap.
I use Bum-ware AIO's on my Ds. He is almost four and has PDD NOS. I don't know when he will potty train. somtimes I think he is almost ready, and then others he doesn't even seem close. The bum-ware toddler size still fit ds, but she also makes a Large Toddler for 35+ pounds. She is a very nice Wahm and would probably make bigger dipes if asked about it. I have never found diapers that were easier to use than her quick dry AIO's.
Thanks for the suggestions. Money is tight right now so I am thinking about making some pockets and buying some cotton-babies inserts for them. They ought to be nice and trim that way and I can size them to fit my skinny boy with little thighs and a high rise. lol That combo is really hard to fit. At first I was going to try to buy large fuzzibunz seconds, but they are looking out of my price range on ebay right now. I love the look of the bumware dipes, but again, a little out of my price range.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Hi.... my son is 4, has down syndrome & wears cloth. He is a tiny little man though at 4 & only 30 lbs. But.... i will say that Izzy from Bumware will make you custom diapers. she has for me & they are great & she is just awesome to work with. I have to admit i **** use alot of LCsz2 as they fit him since he is tiny. i have also found loveybums to be great in the sz range. another otion is very baby, they are great to & go up to xl. As the others said if fuzzi bunz etc are your thing they go up larger as well. What weight is your son?? I see money is tight for oyu right now & if i have anything we could work something out. I've had mamas help me out in the past & i do have some diapers i am not using & would more then likely fit your littleman. {not trying to sell here mods
just offering help}

good luck & pm me if i can be of any help to you.
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