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anyone cranky and not such a patient mama

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i hope it does not get worse once the baby gets here! i'm so tired and cranky. my fuse is a little short. we went to a playdate yesterday and we had such a good time but ya know, we missed our nap and voila, crankiness. we will definately take a nap together today. too many days hanging out here though and i start to feel a little lonely. luckily just four more days until we go visit family yahooo. my husband is so great. i'm constantly getting breaks and "me" time. i always feel rejuvenated after i get a "break" but it doesn't take long to need another one.

the mantra for today is patience. i think i will say it over and over....patience, patience, patience is a virtue.
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Sounds like me! I'm way cranky with DD sometimes. The only thing making me feel better is that part of it is her & her age. I have lots of Mom friends with kids the same age (5) & their kids are driving them crazy too!

i'm confused... are you cranky and impatient waiting for your baby to be born? or are you cranky and impatient with your other child/children on top of waiting for your new baby to be born?

if it's the first, you should search for posts from DreamsInDigital from early December when she was approaching 14 days overdue with her third baby. now, that was the queen of frustratedness at the time.

if it's the second, i have moments of that on a daily basis. Bach flower Rescue Remedy does wonders. do something nice for yourself: a pedicure, a massage, an afternoon or evening with a good woman friend.

sending you peaceful vibes for the end of your pregnancy and wishes for a safe and beautiful birth...


Yep, patience is sometimes harder to find around here lately. I've tried to really take a step back and breathe a couple of times before I react.
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no i'm snapping at my toddler a bit.
ok i'm back. my spilled peaches on the carpet and i had to go.

he is two. he is just being two. i think he needs more attention. he has started asking me to feed him. even things like crackers or juice that he can clearly do by himself. so i take that as a sign he wants more attention. i have been reading the gd forum and want to use less time out and raise my voice less. i'm probably not going to stop time outs all together but i want to be more creative and patient i guess. i dunno...i just have a mini meltdown like two times a day usuallly before naptime or bedtime haha. like yesterday i was trying to go through the file cabinet and get all my bill statements together b/c we are moving and i have to disconnect our services. and he just kept coming over to jump in the papers. i mean, totally normal two year old behavior, but i was like 'JASON!!!! STOOOOP!" i know he was just being a kid..i gotta work on it. i just feel "mean" sometimes. gotta work on it! anyway, i think posting this will make me more aware.

but it is mostly the pregnancy makes things harder on me and i wonder after the baby is born will i have even less patience. i really really hope not.
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I am totally awful to be around. I am soooooooo irritable. I went to anger management classes last week! I just have these moments where I am soooo mad. Never in a violent way, more an I'm so angry I could cry. I hate it. I feel like I have been taken over by some horrible side of me I've never seen before. I am also scared it won't go away once hormones even out.

But then I think of baby and it makes things nicer. I love being pregnant, just a love/hate thing going on right now.
AHHH!!! Me too!
DD is just 10 months so I don't know what it will be like when I have a new born and a 14 month old. Sometimes I wonder why I thought I could be a mother! If I can barely handle one however will I handle two? Anyway, at least I'm not the only one!!
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Yes. Cranky here because of fatigue. DD has been very sweet, thankfully. Today it's worst because I have a headache on top of the fatigue!

This too shall pass.
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Yeah, I'm just generally angry
... but I like to pretend other people are just being more obnoxious than usual

Honestly, I think its because I've been eating a ton of sugar the past few months, I'm just not feeling healthy at all and my family is suffering at the expense of my cravings. So I'm going shopping today for some healthy food.
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I find myself much less excepting and understanding of everyone and everything when I'm pregnant, esp. poor DH. I found it got better slowly post partum. Sometimes my husband will walking around chatting under his breath, I only have to take this until November.
So according to his calculations, about two months PP. He's probably right. He puts up with a lot, patient man.
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Cranky here too.

Part of it is that I have 2 extremely active boys who are high needs (almost 2 and almost 4). I just don't have energy to keep up with their needs, let alone function normally.
DH has been working a LOT lately so I end up being with the boys with no breaks constantly. I feel like I'm in a constant pity party for myself these days and I end up being a bear to be around.

Trying to get out of this funk though so it'll hopefully improve my patience and attitude....
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