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Anyone do online/phone therapy?

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I am thinking that it would be nice to have a therapist to talk with, someone to just talk over stuff and help me make a plan of attack so to speak. When I was younger I had a great therapist who helped talk me through stuff (like anger issues, parenting issues, going back to school, surviving as single mom, etc). She was great and I learned alot about myself.

I am thinking about doing online or phone counseling or maybe even a life coach. It is expensive though, not sure if it is worth it. My problem is trying to find the time/energy to get to a therapist each week. Now that I am working and moving, finding sitter for 4-5 kids is expensive and difficult.

Recommend anyone? Websites? Good/bad experiences? thanks!
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I was coming here to ask the exact same thing as it was just suggested to me by my public health nurse.


Well, there's this site, which supposedly has won a lot of awards... you can do free counseling if you are willing to post where others can see your post or pay for a private room with a counselor.

Its a pain to get into the system and registered and stuff. The guy who runs the site claims that's a way to make sure people who go there are serious about getting help, but I think its just a bad site design.

I used the free forums once and replies were frequent and lengthy. But I didn't like the information or the advice and felt the counselor was an idiot. But you can look over other people's posts and the counselor's responses to see if you feel like its something that would work for you.
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