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anyone doing a baby book?

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i started Ethan's baby book...basically a scrap book that i do myself b/c i couldnt shell out the $$ for the ones i liked. ds1 had a baby book but ds2 just got the scrapbook kind of thing for a little while and then i just started doing "family" scrapbooking (not like the rest of scrapbooks are just pix and my writing..none of that expensive stuff you can buy).
im wondering now how long i should keep E's baby scrapbook and then just do the "family thing" b/c too lazy and dont print my own pix.
what is everyone else doing??
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well...hehe...i have rowan's milestones written on my computer in a little text file. and i have started a scrapbook for him.
he's 3 years old. and i'm on his 6th week of life.

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Rachel - or anyone - what kind of scrapbook do you get if you are not into scrapbooking? I really want to get a kind of scrapbook to do exactly that - put picture and my writing into - but I am utterly uninterested in the whole scrapbooking phenomena.

I also wanted a baby book for both of my little ones but can't stand the typical stupid kitschy stuff. I want one like they used to have in the 40s, all simple and printed up, no teddy bears in sight, so I can just fill stuff in. Does that exist?

If you can stomach the trip, a local scrapbooking store should have a very plain scrapbook style available. Plain, solid color cover, with blank, photo-safe pages that you can write on. You'll just have to avert your eyes as you walk past all that cutesy stuff to get to it!

It's very important to make sure the book you buy has acid-free paper. Otherwise, all your precious photos will be ruined by the time your kids are adults. My mom used the very-popular magnetic-style photo album of the 70's, and all my baby photos are faded and terribly discolored. =(
i got a silly one from target. it's cute though has a monkey on the front. has a whole page for vaccines though. and where it says they kept track of me with braclets at the hospital , here;s my braclet i wrote a letter to her explaining that we had her at a birth center and she was the only baby there, and we held her so she wasn't whisked away from us.

i have an idea but i don't want to post it where everyone can see.

Yeah, Courtney, I used the Creative Memories book with all 3 of mine. They have a "coming home" page, which I changed to "born at home" and a vax page where I just write a note explaining all the reasons why we lovingly chose to go no-vax. Other than that, it is a good fit for my scrapbooking style. (Don't tell Linda, but it's full of teddy bears, hehehe!)
i got mine at AC moore too. every week they send us coupons in teh mail for 40-50% off of one non-sale item. the one i got for Ethan was winnie the pooh (thats his theme b/c i love pooh bear, can you tell). but ive been doing this for 10 years. i get the scrapbooks (the kind that you insert the pages into the plastic sleeves and you can add to the books - i hate having to buy new books).
then i just add my photos...before i got my digital camera i used to hvae tons of photos developed and i would cut a bunch of them up for themed pages, but i never spent any $$ on the stuff ppl do for scrapbooking..i just dont see the point. they look great, dont get me wrong...but my $$ goes to other things (e.g. baby carriers!! lol).
i insert pix...i draw stupid little pix, and make comments on the pages with magic markers, so it looks fun.
i dont know about creativity, but i like it. when im on my deathbed, i guess ill give the books to my kids, but until then, they are MINE!!! lol!
oh, and my pooh book was like $15 b/c of my coupon!
E allowed me to do 6 pages today.
and just between us, i cut up alot of the pages from ds2's baby book that never got used!!! it was pooh themed too (the classic pooh). dont let him know but all i had done with it was put in ds2's name and stats, otherwise i would have just used it for E. but then again, there was a vax page, so i would have been pissed about that and not used it either. but it was a cute book.
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We were given a pretty cute baby-themed scrapbook for Simon, but I haven't even opened it yet
. Since he was born, though, I've been keeping a journal about his infancy, with milestones and such. I think it'll be great to have things recorded for future reminiscing, so I should really get going on the scrapbook, too! I just can't seem to make the time for it, but hopefully before long...
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i'm the opposite of the rest of you. LOL i have all of the scrapping stuff and no pages. HAHAHA!! the main reason i wanted to have all the embellishments and stuff in my scrapbooks was so that my kids can get a glimpse into the kind of person i am. not that they won't know me but you never know. my mom used to do something similar and it's incredible to look at it now. to see her creativity and her handwriting and the way she used materials on the pages. it's like i'm right next to her young self. i can't explain it, but it means a lot to me and i want to give my kids that.

i can post some pics of my pages if anybody cares LOL
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I got a book and some supplies for Fin @ my shower and from my MIL for X-mas - so I figured i was destined to scrapbook....I wasn't that excited about it - but once i got a bunch of photos in the mail from Snapfish and sat down and played with all of it - it was pretty fun. I will not buy all the expensive stuff from the craftstore to continue at it - so I have chosen to salvage actual scraps and be creative with the process - I've cut up cards and magazines and trim from just about everything - plus i always have fabric scraps and glitter around here
Her book is really cute and funky and I hope she loves it someday
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i love snapfish too! i always get these email coupons for 30 free photos so i send off for them every month or so and get my pix free like that (well, for about $2 with shipping). im such a cheapo!!!
i should use snapfish then! LOL i use shutterfly.
i'll post some pics in a bit
i use whoever gives me free pix! that includes yahoo, snapfish, shutterfly and wally world even gave me 20 free! like i said, im a cheapo!!
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