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Anyone else a diaper bag addict?

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I must admit, I *love* diaper bags, lol. Yeah, I know its an odd addiction! Anyone else suffer from this?? I'm a really thrifty person in all others areas of life, but boy, I like bags! Anyone else thinking of getting a new one for the baby on the way? I am down to carrying just a purse for the most part now that the kiddos are older, but with the baby on the way I know that will change. I used to be nuts over diapers, but then I switched to all pockets and that kind of took all the fun out of it for me, so I jumped the boat over to the diaper bag dark side. Anyone else in the same boat? Anything that you have tried and loved, or have been lusting over?
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I completely understand. And yes, there will definitely be a new diaper bag for the new baby.
Awe, glad I'm not alone!!
I am totally the same way - I love bags/purses in general. I know if I had more of a budget, it would be frittered away on bags! I am going to try my hardest *not* to buy a new diaper bag for this babe, but I'll probably cave at some point. There are so many cute ones out there now!
Yeah, I somehow ended up with LOTS of diaper bags for DD. I just sold off two of them to fund some other stuff- They are just so fun!
me too and of all the addiction (book, diapers) this one really really buggs DH

They all hold the excate same amount --

frankly i have yet to find one i LIKE -- I have 3 and none of them are great, one is better -- but i leave it int he car and carry a little cloth pack (back pack) with whipes, one diaper and topys and now finger food -- it is maxed out (wallet too) and i hate it -- but the actual diaper bag is toooooo big and hevay to carry even with just DS in teh sling -- with two I know i won't be able to carry it -- so i will be stuck with the little cloth one with 2 diapers and so on ----- i just don';t know a good sloution.

Ooh I love diaper bags AND purses!!! Actually I have dh buy me larger purses now so they can double as a diaper bag. He almost bought me the Coach diaper bag last month, good thing he asked me first...that thing is HUGE!! told him not to buy it. Or else I like to carry smaller purses...don't wanna be too bogged down. I also babywear and that's a lot of stuff hanging off of me, lol!! I love pretty girly diaper bags, and I also love simple handmade bags....they're just another accessory. Me likey!!
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