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Anyone else blow off dressing up baby?

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I have a bunch of cute stuff (dresses etc) that people gave me for DD, but every time I go to get her changed I always opt for a comfy sleeper or something. I see babies out and about that look so cute, but I always worry DD won't be as comfortable in a dress as she would in a onsie or some other soft cotton outfit. Plus I sort of think that infancy is the one time you can wear PJs all day everywhere you go and not have people think you're insane.

Same with hair accessories. DD has a wild head of hair and those little headbands are cute, but I put one on her and thought "I don't think I'd like my head squeezed all day" so I took it off. Do they get used to those? Not seem to mind?

I just end up always choosing the most comfy looking stuff from her closet...anyone else?
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I only dress Sarah in something I think I'd be comfy in. Luckily, my mom is the only one who has gotten her clothing (while shopping with me) so I don't feel I'm waisting clothes (a problem I'd have if we had this frilly stuff.)
I'm just thinking about clothes and it's sort of odd how people often give frilly and elaborate dresses as gifts for infants. We have at least one for each size and while some are quite elegant and nice, I honestly don't know where she'd wear them unless she was in a wedding or maybe going to a really fancy one. (and even then, she's be asleep in my sling anyways, so I'd probably opt for something as comfy as possible)
I know my baby isn't a BABY baby, but i just had to say that i think that it looks totally goofy when little ones are all gussied up in lace and ruffles and headbands and shiney little shoes- ESPECIALLY when their ears are pierced!
I had a few choice vintage dresses that she wore alot when she was wee but otherwise it was the same couple of cotton rompers.
-thanks for letting me but in!
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What about the opposite end of the spectrum: denim? I see so many teeny tiny babies wearing denim jeans and overalls and such and I always think it looks so uncomfy! Someone gave us a pair of pink-flannel lined denim jeans in a 3 month size and I could hardly make myself put them on her.
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I have a boy, and was given some outfits that I have not, and probably will not, put on him. I agree that denim is not at all practical. He was given a pair of denim overalls, and a polo shirt that has a super stiff collar...
He gets put in the sling (in cradle position) so often that I only dress him in non-binding clothes. Soft cotton. I don't even like how the edges of bummis covers bind, so he's always in wool! Now that he's getting a bit older (almost three months), and there is a more of a difference to our schedule between night and day, I like to dress him in separate pants and tops - but always in a soft cotton!

If I had a girl - no way on the headband!
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I would put a girl in a dress, but not the starched, lacey kind. And shoes? Forget it! My baby isn't wearing shoes til she can walk! Why would I do that? I hate shoes myself! I favor light materials for this time of year, and something that doesn't have elastic sleeves or a too tight collar. But I think skirts and dresses are quite comfy myself, and I'd put my baby girl in one. Not all the time, but if we were going out or something. I also agree that putting a small baby in jeans looks just as uncomfy. I'm not really a fan of dressing up a baby like an adult. Babies should look like babies, kwim? (Though some of those adult-esque clothes are really cute!
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You all just reminded me about jeans too...I don't think I put DS in them until he was about 6 months - and only then in a really soft pair (thin denim) with an elastic waist.
i know! i have a friend with a 4month old and she always has the baby in frilly little dresses. thankfully she doesnt put shoes on her, though .i see little babies in jeans, polo shirts and teeny tiny high tops all the time! my ds is naked as much as humanly possible, and he wears tshirts and soft pants when he has to wear clothes. and he only wears soft soled shoes.

especially when he was first born, i just thought of how rough the fabric must feel on him after being used to a silky soft uterus.
I have a 8 month baby girl. She's only wore 2 dresses thus far. I prefer the onesies and the cotton pants. I tried the headbands a couple of times - but don't like the way they look on her. Besides........ she has no hair.

PLUS! No mater how much pink she has on - people still say, "What a cute little boy."
Yep, I only dressed my ds in his comfy pj's for at least the first 5 months. I probably didn't put an actual shirt or pants on him till he was 6 months old! It's a lot easier to do frequent diaper changes through a pair of pj's or a onesie than some pants! And overalls...forget it! :LOL
I'm so pleased to find this thread! I feel like people are always scrutinizing my baby and saying, "Nice... jammies" like it's an odd outfit to leave the house in. I dress Charlie largely in non-footed one-piece dealies in yummy fabrics and the comfiest diaper available and that's it.

Yes, I'm a sock apostate.
I figure that his feet don't get any colder than his hands, all tucked up in our sling as they are, and he uses them to explore the world. I don't want to block off his senses! I think that at this this stage of life babies are being hard-wired to perceive sensation. I'm trying to teach him to expect and create comfort and pleasure in his life.

That said, I do strive to find cute one-piece dealies. I'm not so deep that I don't take pride in having an adorable baby.
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another non-dresser up here. mostly had ds in his pjs until it seemed totally unacceptable. i still mostly reject non-elastic waistbands. i do however have him chuck taylor hightops. aren't they soft soled? they seem soft to me and he looks like such a hipster in 'em.
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Yeah, I never got the scratchy dress thing for little babies either. She basically lived in those sack gowns, sleepers, onesies or t-shirts w/ cotton pants, cotton socks & booties for the first 3 months of her life. I did dress her up a couple times, but only in comfy cotton dresses. Even now I won't put her in anything that looks too binding or scratchy.

As far as hair accessories go, I'm not a big fan of them on babies at all. DD didn't have much hair so it wasn't an issue, but I agree that they just look uncomfortable (not to mention unecessary).

before my baby was born I thought some of the little frilly dresses were cute (but have never liked the little headbands and barrettes) - but now can't imagine putting them on her....I think they would not by comfy and I keep imagining her legs getting cold...she wears onsies, pjs and little pants almost all the time. One of my pet peeves with girl baby clothes is big annoying collars - they get in her way when breastfeeding, and when she's hungry she tries to eat them and they're just always soggy and gross....
I kind of like putting new baby DD in the myriad dressy things she's been given, but as soon as I get her outfitted, she poops or toddler DS smears her with something gooey (gummey masticated dehydrated papaya strips en route to grandma's house...) and I have to change her again, anyway... so into big brother's hand-me down rompers she goes... not that it actually matters what she wears since she's always in the sling...

I used to like to browse the baby girl clothes, since there seem to be so many really cute things, but not many are practical...
we never dress her up.. i put her into a dress twice now and she howled both times.. i have no idea why but i gave up.. i personally was only doing it to please her gramma anyway and i could care less. i would much rather her be comfy anyday.
I actaully got sent by a distant family member a Ralph Lauren dress with the tags still on it. (I sold it on ebay for 10 bucks and went to the quarter sale at the maternity and kid exchange store in town, and came out with a garbage bag full of good comfy clothes ) My beef is why would anyone spend 35 dollars on an outfit that a baby is going to outgrow in a month anyway???? It's ridiculous!
I don't really dress up my ds. When he was a newbie, I would just dress him in sleepers *rompers?* all the time. I felt wasteful about it though, because we had been given a bunch of clothes and he hardly wore any of them. And some of them were so cute, too! But honestly, not very practical. Now he's mostly just in a onesie (he would be naked, but he gets cold and sweaty) sometimes we'll put shorts on him when we go out, but rarely is he ever very dressed up. And I can't stand to put him in anything that rides up. We had a newborn outfit that was just a pair of pants and a jacket and I would get so frustrated with the jacket cuz it would bunch up and everything, so annoying.
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