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Anyone else cramping a lot?

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I'm starting to get pretty worried. The hubby and I tried to have sex last night and that's what set it off. Very painful cramping, definite contraction pattern but no uterine hardening. Lasted for about two hours until I was finally able to fall asleep. I was actually moaning from pain.
This morning was fine but then starting 4 hours a go I started getting really painful cramps again. This time after walking 2 blocks and walking around a book store.
I did talk with my midwife, but she just has me doing the standard stuff. Trying to figure out when to call her again to see about getting other remedies she might have. I guess if those don't work then we'll think about going to L&D. I really don't want to
I was hoping for a worry free, uneventful pregnancy.
I'm not even quite 20w yet. UGH!!!!
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Not a medical professional, but normally when I start cramping alot--it means I am dehydrated. Drink a TON of water, put your feet up & rest. If the cramping/contractions continue for more than an hour-call your midwife back.
I agree with what Mary says.

You could also try a warm bath. If resting, a warm bath and water don't settle things I'd definitely call your midwife again. Even if turns out to be nothing (which Im' sure it will), I bet you'll feel much better knowing it's nothing instead of worrying it could be something, kwim?
*big hugs*
Hmm, that would be scary!! Dehydration was my first thought, too. If they continue to be painful, I'd call your mw again and be like DUDE THESE HURT!! Hope everything is ok and maybe you're just having super strong BH or something. Boo
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Haven't seen an update so was just wondering how you're feeling today?
Thank you of thinking of me!
I've spent the last 48 hours in bed and managed to knit two pairs of longies!

I did a full round of herbs and things have settled yesterday afternoon. Every once in a while I still get a cramp or two but so far so good!
Going to take it easy for the next two weeks but hoping that my cranky uterus calms down
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This has happened to me before at times before I was PG, it's was from DP hitting my cervix. Hasn't happened since getting PG though.
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