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Anyone else dropped yet???

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Midwife confirmed yesterday - i'm 30.5 wks and the baby has dropped - so low in my pelvis that she can't feel it. Yikes! Good news according to her is that I won't have long to push
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They thought I had dropped too but what has happened is my pelvic floor is sagging. Yay @ getting older. I keep doing the kegels (it's the only time I get relief from pain/pressure) so hopefully we'll hang in there. Meanwhile it's partial bedrest. etc etc

Try to keep comfy! Kitty
the funny thing is i'm not really uncomfortable - pelvic area not too sore, sciatica acting up a bit, but otherwise ok. definitely waddling now though
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Yup, my midwife confirmed last week that the baby had dropped and the head is engaged already- i'm 32 weeks. Much easier to breath now though
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I think so... It's easier to breathe and he feels lower, but he doesn't look THAT much lower from the outside...

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Interesting to listen to all of you...

When does a baby "usually" drop. I was thinking 32 weeks was early....
isn't it too early? i mean my doc said it is okay that the baby drops around the 35th week...
anyway, lately i feel some extra pressure in the pelvic area, sometimes i think i can feel my cervix, and bedrest feels soo good!
according to the mw it happens MUCH earlier with subsequent kids - with #1 I dropped 2 wks before I had her.

you know what's neat? I can feel his head vaginally now!!! cervix still high and tight, can't reach that, but can feel a little round head all around it
I couldn't resist checking in the shower.
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Thought Em had dropped earlier this week. Turns out the little goose is still highly mobile, just checking out some real estate she's not explored yet. Which is good, because with her size now, all that quality time in my rib cage makes it hard for me to breathe. Everyone says there's no way I'll make it to thirty six/thirty seven weeks, but I'm doing everything I can. Can't remember where I packed my vitamins, so I may have to go get more before the week's out... {got a few I keep in a backpack for brain dead moments.}
I think last time I dropped at about 36 weeks. Because they measured me and I measured smaller... turns out it was because she had dropped and it just made my belly shape different.

Haven't yet this time. That is fine by me, as last time it made my crouch and hips hurt. Ugh... Although it will be exciting when it happens, will just make it seems closer!
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