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Anyone else experienced Nap H*ll?

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OMG! What is up with DD? Anyone know?

Sleep is HUGE drama right now. The screaming is insane. We just spent an hour negotiating nap time. I wanted to run away and never come back.

Is this a common phase for 2yo??????? Or is DD just special????

Hold me.

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Oh yes. When the time spent getting DD2 to lay down and take a nap was longer then the time that she actually spent napping, then we stopped naps. She was 2 as well.
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If she gives up naps...

there aren't enough meds, prescription or otherwise, in the world to keep me sane.

I'm hoping this is a blip. She's been pushing boundaries a lot the last week.

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Ds still naps at 25 months and he desperately needs a daily nap but there are days when despite my best effort he just wont sleep. I usually lay down with him on his nap mat in my room and nurse him to sleep and then get up and go about my business in the next room. Sometimes he gets up and just won't lie down or settle. I will get up with him, find a quiet activity for him or read to him a bit and then try again about 30 minutes later. After a second try, which usually works, I give up if he has not slept and try to put him to bed as early as possible (I have two older kids with after school activities so sometimes it is not as early as I would like but I do my best). Since ds has been born he has napped well but has spurts of not napping which really made me crazy when he was smaller and less able to entertain himself but still can be frustrating when I know he needs a nap to make it through the day peacefully. Could you find a quiet activity for her if she refuses sleep? Could you snuggle and read and regroup and try again? Will she lie in bed and relax/rest (ds won't but you never know!). Hang in there!!
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Sounds to me like naps are over. My ds stopped napping, then started again, then stopped again. The great thing about no naps is that he goes to sleep much earlier and easier.

You CAN do it, mama!
I recently went through a no napping phase as well. It was horrible.

I went back to rocking and nursing DD to sleep for naps.

If you know your LO still NEEDS the naps, ie. insanely cranky all afternoon, difficulty sleeping/ nightwaking during the night.... then I'd give something else a try. Some suggestions: laying down w/ LO (pretending to sleep or actually napping
rocking, back rubs, mimic nighttime routine for sleep. We put on jammies at naptime and that seems to get DD into it.

Good Luck. DTDT!!
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Thank you mommas. We're also dealing with a cause and effect game. You know how babies drop the rattle off the highchair over and over and laugh and laugh as you pick it up?

Well DD has been chucking her lovey and pacifier and blanket to make us come back in.

Last night I told her if she threw it out again, I was taking it away (natural consequence, you throw stuff out, it may not come back). She defiantly tossed her pacifier on the floor right in front of me so I confiscated it for about 15 minutes and let her process that.

Breaking the pattern of 'when I drop stuff, mommy comes running and gives it me' seemed to do the trick. At least last night. I gave the paci back along with a mommy finger wagging lecture about being quiet and going to sleep. And she went to sleep...eventually.

When DS gives me a hard time, which is most days, I plop him in the car & drive around. He is usually out in less thant 10min. 9x out of 10 I can get him into the house without waking him.

I try to plan our outings so I am on the way home when he should take a nap. That way I dont have to make a special trip. It is well worth my sanity to do it this way instead of battling with him
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DD recently went through a couple of phases like this. The first time it was about 2 months of struggle. Most recently, more like 2-3 weeks. Now she naps just fine, we can put her down in her bed and she falls asleep reading books.

Hopefully it's just a phase for you, too!
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