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Anyone else feel like there's so much to do?

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I feel like there's so much do to yet and very little time. I'm probably just being hormonal or something. I need to order the birthkit, get other supplies that doesn't come in the kit, make my *warm, mama, & baby* bags up, get nursing bra, sling, cosleeper, carseat and mama pads. My list is very minimal but along w/ cleaning everything and making sure I have everything, I just feel like there's so much to do. I guess I just want everything done like..YESTERDAY. Plus paying off the mw, making sure I'm taking all my supplements, logging down baby movements and diet record (for one wk). Ugh...I just want all this extra stuff to be done and over with.

Plus figuring out who's gonna come for the birth to help out w/ dd and's not an easy decision at all.
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I am not doing the home birth stuff but I do feel overwhelmed with my list and have been seriously considering hiring someone to come clean my house. I have been in so much discomfort and pain it makes it hard to do anything. I think from pubic symphsis seperation. Well that and my 3 year old. Anyways I hope that nesting will start some time soon and I can get done what needs to be done.
I also have my dad and his new wife coming to visit and Easter to think about. Jeez o man.
I went through the house and made a list room-by-room of what needed to be done. I marked off what dh has to do and now I do 1-2 things a day. I also made a list of what I need to stock up on before birth and ordered it. After the shower I'll know what I still need to buy. I feel okay about MY stuff, but I need dh to do some stuff in their room so I can finish it up and that is seriously stressing me out! We also need a new car!
I feel swamped! We're converting a den into the nursery. Finally moved out all the den furniture (except a microfiber couch that we are just going to leave in there... its only a year old and sooooo comfy..) Just put together the crib yesterday. Today is the changing dresser and armoire. I might even get to clean tiny baby clothes today so I can put them away in the drawers.

I've got to stop myself from buying fuzzi bunz.... I don't remember how many I have coming but I'm pretty sure I need some more. Will have to wait until they all arrive I guess.

My SIL's shower was yesterday. Guess mine can't be too far off since she's only due a week before me. Darnit, I want my shower now so I can know what I do/don't have left to buy....

I feel like theres no time left... of course with a May 29th due date this baby could come in June for all I know!!!
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I'm totally overwhelmed right now. I have a long list of home projects that need to be done, a long list of things I need to buy, and I was hoping to write a draft of a dissertation chapter in my last trimester. Now, it looks like there is a very good chance that we'll be moving in the next few weeks--so I don't want to do any of the home projects (this may no longer be our home), don't want to buy any stuff (don't want to have to move it or to order online when I don't know if we'll be at the same address), and the horrifying prospect of packing and unpacking an apartment when I'm 33-34 weeks pregnant has me so distracted that the idea of writing is almost laughable.

Dh and I have also had terrible colds the last few days, so I've pretty much been grumping around the house feeling icky.

Wow...anyone want some cheese with this whine?
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Good luck getting everything done mamas. I vacillate between being anxious to give birth and meet this baby and panicking because it's going to happen soooo soon.

I recently bought the Motivated Moms calendar and it's been helping me to keep up on housework etc and I just did all the things like washing diapers, cloth pads, ordering birth kit supplies and birth pool etc the last two weeks so I think I'm doing okay. I knew if I waited until next week to start I'd be in a panic...

I'm almost 34 weeks so when everyone asks me how long I have and I say about six weeks it just seems so REAL... I mean if for some reason baby comes at 38 weeks I only have 4 weeks left!
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Ugh - I feel swamped too. I'm actually due in April (very end), so I check May & April boards since who knows where I'll end
I have 4 weeks left, and too much to do.

I have our birth pool, birth kit, but need a hose - which is impossible to find.

I have lots of baby clothes & diapers, but not enough covers or onesies.

I have to figure out how to side car the crib (for Austin and/or Hunter), or get a twin bed to bump up next to our king, since
all 5 of us will be in one bed.

I have little to do's around the house that I want done before baby arrives, so I don't stress out about them while I'm
supposed to be postpartum resting - I need to make a list room by room, but I have no energy.

I need to clean my car, it's driving me nuts.

I need to organize all the baby stuff and put it away - it's in tupperwares and boxes from wherever I ordered it from ****...

I need to clean up the infant carseat.

Huge to buy list: foods, pads, bathwash, nursing bra, etc.

I want the house organized so I don't worry about it, and need to get the carpets cleaned next week.

I need to figure out what to do for/about the boys birthdays (gifts, food, party or not?), because they're both around my
due date.

I'm not even finished getting the boys easter baskets & outfits done yet, and we have family church photos coming up in like 3
weeks, so we all need great outfits for those....I also need to get the boys birthday professional photos done...

I have a lot more, but it bothers me to think about it when I have no energy to do any of it, and not enough money to get it
all done right now ( I just want to hire people do do stuff for me, I'm feeling that lazy).

Good luck mamas - why do we do this to ourselves when we're supposed to be resting & enjoying our pregnancies?
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not too much to do here..

i need a couple more birth supplies (shoelaces for the cord, a bowl for the placenta, pads for afterwards, a sitz bath mix).

need to finish up the wool soakers and longies i'm making, buy a pack of snappis, and get one of those diaper pail bags...

oooh, and shampoo the carpets. the house could use a good going over, too, but right now, i want the carpets cleaned.

i'd like to get some meals pre-made and frozen, but somehow i just don't see this happening like i had planned.

otherwise, we're set. i'm giving myself 2 weeks to get it all done, that way, if baby comes early, i'll be prepared
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Did I mention finding a place to live? We're moving back to Michigan after we have baby. We're giving ourselves pretty much all of May here but be moved for June. Does anyone have any idea what it's like to try and look for a place to live on the OTHER SIDE of the country?? It totally sucks!! And besides that, there's no use for me to even make an effort right now because it's waaay to soon. We won't be moving for another 2 months. We have to wait until after baby arrives, which will be even more of a challenge. *sigh* So it's just gonna hang over my head until then.

Oh ya, and I added bathing my fricken dog too. We usually get her bathed every month anyways but she REALLY FRIGGEN needs it now since she decided to take it upon herself to play around in the stinken mud hole for the last 3 days, consecutively, after being yelled @ for it each and everytime. Sometimes I just DO NOT understand dogs. German Shepherds in general. I mean, they're hyped up to be one of the SMARTEST dogs yet they do sh*t they KNOW they're gonna get in trouble for and have to sit outside all day until their mud covered body dries up!
and to top it off, feel sorry for themselves. My dog is laying outside w/ her little "puppydog eyes" like I did something to her! It's such a joke...oh ya, I threw mud all over her so she had to sit outside for the 3rd day now. pfffffffft!!!!!

ANYWAYS! I'm totally sorry for this rant. I just get so frustrated sometimes, it's ridiculous, really.

With all this said I do wanna say that I have faith things will all get done when they're meant to and some people have it ALOT worse than I have. I actually don't have it bad at all and I'm extremely thankful for everything so I just don't wanna come off as some self centered whine as* or something. Hehehe. Sometimes things get to me and I just gotta vent, yk?
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I'm still in denial about what I need to get done
:. This is my last week of working so I'm going to start getting things squared away this upcoming weekend probably.


Originally Posted by mimid
I went through the house and made a list room-by-room of what needed to be done.
I think I'll try that.
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I know what you mean... I have to still clean out my sons closet to fit the babys clothes (they are sharing a room) and then I need to finish buying the birth supplies and I still need to order more diapers, I need to wash the diapers and get them ready, I still need to get a solarveil sling (I live in Florida and my maya wrap is HOT.. but I was dumb enough to order black for florida a few years ago LOL) I need to get all the birthing supplies together and in place... We tour the hospital that I will go to in the event of having to be transfered from home to hospital, we tour that on Saturday, I still need to go take my kids and get their bathing suits, their birthday parties arent anywhere near being planned LOL and they are on April 15 and April 29 LOL... Im going nuts!!! And on top of that, we are in the process of getting the house ready to sell so we can move into something much bigger.. We are CRAMPED!!!! Oh well, I just have a bunch of crap to do and while I want it all done before the baby is born, if only the birthing supplies are bought and ready and the diapers are here and the kids have some type of a birthday party, I will be okay LOL
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way too much to do. And only 6 weeks to do it, provided thisl little guy doesn't decide to come early!
well, ladies I have felt the same *urges*, but I am having to say, things will be FINE if they dont' get done before baby comes.
I am on bedrest and can't do anything. The only things I can shop for are what i can find online. Which means NO to ALOT of things. Hopefully i can get hubby to go out and get some nursing pads, at least! But I doubt i will have problems before my milk comes in.

I ordered a ton of diapers online this weekend, which helped with my nesting, but my house is a MESS and will stay this way until after baby is born

Don't get too frazzled with yourself. Do what you can, the rest CAN wait!!

I did just make up my phone call list today. I have no idea where my other 5 kids will go, will all depend on when and where i go into labor. All else fails, they will go with me to this hospital!
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I'm just sick of entertaining!!
We have done more entertaining in this house (we've been here since last November) than we ever did in the 7 years of living in our old house! We have had Christmas, New Year's, Superbowl, Fantasy Football party, Home Interior's party, 2 birthday parties for Rachel, my family is coming down next weekend to celebrate both girls' bdays, and then April 8th I am hosting a baby shower for my SIL at my house, with 35 people! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that, I am DONE with entertaining! Well, except for baptism! Oh yeah, and then we will celebrate Emma's bday on the 23rd of April too, *sigh*....
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I have given up on getting anything else done around my house before I am 36 - 37 weeks. My DS was born @ 38 weeks, so I am thinking I probably won't have a lot of time after the "you can have a homebirth" deadline of 36 - 37 weeks, but if I do, THEN I'll work on the house.

I did the taxes. Am just waiting for our IRA disbursement so we can pay them.

I am excited - I ordered the rest of the birth supplies I needed (except for some things I will get as I do normal shopping in the next two weeks) online today, so I will be ready for the home visit @ 36 weeks.

And I am getting to the "it feels chaotic but I'm really almost done" point at work. I get paid maternity leave (6 - 12 weeks) but I have to get everything ready for it ahead of time. It's a lot of work.

And I reallllly want to be able to go visit my mom next week, because I don't want to do a 3 hour drive after I'm 36 weeks. And if I do, DH might be able to tile the shower, which would be really good because I don't like taking baths and I doubt I'm going to like it any better postpartum!
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