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I think dd inherited a little of dh's insomnia episodes and a little of my nightowl tendancies. While I was on maternity leave, her 9pm bed time shot up to as late as 11pm some nights.
Now that I'm back at work and dh's sahd'ing, I'd like to get her back on to a routine. I'm hoping this will help dh learn dd's sleep cues and keep her from the constant mini-meltdowns we've been experiencing (unless he tells me otherwise, he's planning to sah only until he can find a new job. While he's a great dad, he's a little short in the patience department and is watching both 2 mon. old ds and 22 mon. old dd, so anything we can do to make it a little easier in the day would put me at great ease.)

So my question is, does an average toddler really go to bed at 7:30pm? I understand working them down in increments to the desired time, as that's how we got her back down to 9:30pm (her current bed time, unless she demonstrates she's tired earlier) I just don't think it's feasible for dd. The earliest she's ever gone to bed in a regular fashion is 9pm. If she goes to bed at 8pm, it's because she didn't nap during the day (which makes for an awful evening of meltdowns...
) I'd like to get us back to a 9pm bedtime and ideally an 8:30pm one. As it is, it still take her a good 30-45min. after the story reading and tucking her in for her to be completely asleep. Anyone else have a constantly charged toddler who's difficult to unwind and put to bed?
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