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Anyone else have a scooter?

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My almost one year old dd has been scooting all over the house. She's getting faster and faster! Anyone else have a kiddo who scoots and not crawls?
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Wow- is my dd the only scooter?
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My DD was a scooter...until a couple of weeks ago! She's now crawling non-stop! The scootin' days were sure fun to watch though!
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Count my DD among the scooters! At first she was pretty slow and I figured I could keep up with her getting around the house (and not babyproofing yet). However, this week she has proved me wrong and is into everything - little speed demon! Needless to say - we're investing in the babyproofing supplies this weekend!

I don't know if she'll ever crawl on hands and knees. She's never been a fan of tummy time. We try to put her on her tummy now and she just rolls onto her back anyway. And as of today (!) she can sit herself up from being on her back - getting herself into scooting position...and away she goes!

My dd doesn't, but my best friend's ds is the "King of all Scooters".
Unfortuntely he's been having some balance issues so still isn't walking at 20 months, but let me tell you, since he started scooting around 9 months or so he's been able to keep up with her 4 yr old!

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