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I developed hemorrhoids when I was pregnant with dd 3 years ago. The MWs said they would go away after I gave birth, and they didn't. They've been annoying me for 3 years and I saw a surgeon today to find out what to do about them. She decided it was best to do a banding procedure right there in the office to remove one of them (I think she would have done more, but it was extremely unpleasant and I think she correctly assumed I wasn't up for more in one setting). She told me there would be some discomfort for a few days, but that I should be able to continue my routine as normal.

Well, I am certainly not continuing as normal. I am in a lot of pain and Dr. Google is telling me that is to be expected for a day or so. I'm annoyed with the dr. for telling me it wasn't a big deal and I'm frustrated that the only thing I can seem to manage right now is laying in bed with my laptop. Has anyone else had this done? How was it for you? How did you handle the pain? I'm going to have to do this again, and I'm a little freaked out about that idea right now. I have a lot to do tomorrow and the dr. said this would not get in the way of that--I can't imagine how that is true.
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