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Anyone else have to wash diapers everyday??

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I have a ton of diapers so that isn't the problem. It is that my 2 mo. dd pees every 5 minutes (ok, I may be exaggerating a little, but I do have to change her 3 or 4 times an hour sometimes). She fills up her diaper pail in one day!! And it isn't a little pail, it is the 54 qt one.

I've stopped throwing the pail liner in the wash every time, b/c I know I will be washing the next day and if it gets stinky I can wash it then.

Plus ds is still in diapers. At least I just have to wash his every 2 or 3 days.

So anyone else have a dc that is continually flowing like a river? How often do you wash?
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Well, not only as Braedon been a super soaker lately, I just had a baby and she goes through dipes quick too...I also have enough to last a bit but I have to wash everyday too b/c they fill up my LARGE pail so quickly.
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I have plenty of diapers even when my pail is full but I still wash everyday as well. I just hate for diapers to sit around and ripen. I actually love to wash my diaper.
i've been washing every day b/c j is getting her 2 yr old molars and having nasty teething poopies. ugh.
Sometimes I do. I still need more diapers though.
I wash every day because I only have about..... 10 diapers right now. Maaaaaaybe 12. I have a few more on their way to me though. I've been doing a lot of buying & selling... :LOL
i actually like washing my dipes i feel bad when they sit and get stinky
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i wash everyday... i have 2 in cloth & 1 day is enough for me. everynight i toss a load in. i could theoretically go about 4 days without washing with my stash but i like to get them clean everynight. i hate the thought of the diapers being dirty....
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Yep - I have to wash every day - maybe stretch to every 36 hours if I really push it. By then, the diaper pail is full and the shelf is empty.
I wash every other day and have a wet pail. Works for us.

ETA my son is almost two and can go an hour or two between pees so he only uses 7-9 dipes a day.
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I wash everyday. I don't have to as I have plenty of diapers (mostlty pockets and pf's) but I'm getting into the habit for when we have 2 in dipes :LOL it's actually easier as the dipes dry a whole lot faster and they don't stink in the pail to boot.
We wash pretty much everyday sometimes every other day.

But knowing I have dirty dipes just sitting there.........sometime I cannot handle it :LOL

Oh and we have plenty of dipes I just can't stand to have an overflowing diaper pail
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I wash every day I dont like the idea of my diapers sitting there dirty for long.
I'm up to every two days! I have 12 hemp fitteds and 5 fuzzi bunz for over nights.
There for a while, I was washing just about every day. I had 12 pockets and now the print ones are starting to show some wear.
I am so incredibly sad. I now have 17 pockets and I can squeeze another day in before I wash. We went swimming today, so I may get even more days out before I have to wash. Our regular laundry was not getting done because I was burned out from washing the pockets.

12 pockets versus 17 pockets makes a difference in how one washes as well. Who would have known?
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i wash daily. i could probably go two days without doing it, but washing and hanging out diapers is the one domestic chore i don't mind doing!

I have a 5 gallon bucket for wet diapers and a smaller bucket for poopy stuff. Both were completely full today from ONE DAY of diapers. My 3mo pees constantly.
I like washing my dipes every day. It's really hot here and hot weather and moist diapers don't mix.


Originally Posted by chaismom
i actually like washing my dipes i feel bad when they sit and get stinky
me too! :LOL Plus, if I waited two days before washing, I wouldn't be able to fit all the diapers in my not-so-big-capacity-uses-hardly-any-water front loading washing machine. So one day's worth (10 dipes) of diapers is the perfect amount so everything still gets good and wet in the machine!
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