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Anyone else having this problem?

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Ok. So my MS stopped a few weeks ago and hasn't bothered me since. BUT I lost about 5 pounds from really bad food poisoning around week 8. Since then, I can't seem to put on an ounce! I wake up I eat heartily. I plow my way through my meals. Tonight I was craving pizza so I ordered from my friends restaurant. They are strictly a buy1/get1 joint so I actually went home with TWO pies. Granted, they were 10"ers, but I plowed through1.5 of them! DO you think its a problem that despite my eating like a pig It seems I've actually lost another pound or two this week? I'm also thristy a bunch but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?
Thanks mamas!
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Hmm Im not to sure However I thought I heard that some women actually lose weight early pregnancy not sure if that is always because of MS though. The other thing I thought of was hormones . HEY would you like some of my weight?
ALso I think it depends on how much you weighed in the very beginning. I am considered 'technically' under weight for my height and i have already put on 13Lbs.

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Even with all the crazy craving you get try to make sure you are taking nutritious foods in too that may help .

easier said then done. I KNOW!

Last preg, I lost weight in the first trimester (wasn't even throwing up or anything!). I think I was eating healthier, and since I was overweight to begin with, I didn't *need* to gain weight. I made up for it in the 2nd trimester though! I gained 22 lbs.
Only made it 1.5 weeks into the third trimester, so I don't know how much I would have gained if I'd gone full term. I'm scared to think about it!

This preg, so far, I've gained 3 lbs... Actually, I gained 6 lbs, then lost 3 lbs (weighed myself yesterday). I was happy to see "200" instead of "203"!
I started out at 197, which is obviously overweight. I'm 5'9, and I really should be around 150 when non-preg. So if I lose weight, I'll be immensely happy!

If you started pregnancy underweight, I'd probably give your care provider a call and talk about the weight loss. If you started pregnancy overweight, I probably wouldn't worry about it happening early on, but try to eat plenty of healthy foods (easier said than done sometimes!!!), and keep an eye on it. I tend to accidentally eat less when I'm eating healthy, and my midwife made me eat more last time. If I wasn't pregnant, it'd be a good way to diet! But when preg, you don't want to reduce the calories too much, and that's what I end up doing when I try to eat healthy (I'm a super picky eater and don't like most fruits or veggies, etc.).
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I have a friend that ate a very high fat diet when preggo and didn't start gaining until week 25. It was her 5th pregnancy. She recommended eating high fat foods for the baby's development.
I would make sure that you are eating often and getting all the food groups too. If you still have a concern, bring it up with your provider the next visit. I lost 5# in the beginning, but have slowly put some back on now that I am hungrier.
I ahd this problem with my 2nd pregnancy. I lost about 12 pounds due to morning sickness. It took me a long while to gain that wieght back. I went on to gain plenty more weight on top of that, eating healthy foods. Just eat good stuff and relax.
Thanks mamas. It helps to know other mamas have been there done that. I don't think I am particularily over or underweight. I'm 5'5" and weighed about 140 at conception. I've always had boobs and hips but I'm basically still a size 8. Now I'm under 140 though and that just seems odd to me as I can never really get past that hurdle when I'm trying to loose weight. The 140 mark for me is the "last 5 pounds" mark IFYWIM. I'm forcing myself to eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. I'm sure my weight concerns will be a thing of the past in a few short bulbous weeks!
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